Writing For David Milch on HBO’s Deadwood

Ever had a dream like this? You send in a few pages of your script to your favorite TV show. Within hours you get a call- they like it. No, they LOVE it! Within hours they fly you out there. Put you in a hotel. Hire you to start work on the show. But… as you get to work on two series, you start to realise just how brutal this industry can be.

Never mind. You hang out on set all the time, you get to work with David Milch (Luck, John from Cincinatti, Deadwood, NYPD Blue, Brooklyn South) on a daily basis – and suddenly the people who matter are queuing up to read your movie script. This interview is with Bryan McDonald. That screenwriting ‘dream’ was his reality. Listen as he tells you how he did it.

What can I say about this one? Except that dreams really can come true – and listen out for the brilliantly unexpected way he got his first break! It just goes to prove my theory that you should make friends with everyone you meet.

Basically, this is a terrific writer giving you the inside story on working on one of the top US TV shows of the last ten years. What’s not to like?

(Interview: Sally Brockway)

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