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The energy at my first Tribe meeting was incredible and inspiring. The amount of talent in the room was amazing and there were some truly exciting pitches - pitches that could and should be made. Not only was I paired with a great writer (I'm loving working with her) I've also linked up with another Tribe writer with a view to teaming up on a very different project. It inspires, opens doors, engages and supports … top stuff!

Stuart Blackburn

ex. Series Producer, Coronation Street

Let's face it, writers aren't normal.

I bet you're far from 'normal' too. That's why you're here, reading this page.

F Scott Fitzgerald says this: “Writers aren’t people exactly. Or, if they’re any good, they’re a whole lot of people trying so hard to be one person.”

He’s one of us, too.

He means we’re not normal because we have so many different viewpoints, characters, whole worlds in our heads.

We want to experience everything, and we want our stories to make sense of everything.

Quite a lot of normal life bores us.

We’re not about getting a steady job, commuting every day, washing the car and cutting the grass on Sundays.

We’re obsessed with tasting all there is, bringing new ideas into being, and seeing our imaginations made real to entertain and to move millions of people.

We are writers because we can’t help but have a different vision of how things are, and we want that vision to go out into the world, far from us, to reach other people where it matters – their hearts.

You’re a writer if you cannot help yourself turning your life into stories. You cannot rest from the ceaseless battle to shape things, to make sense of things, to create beauty.

In the words of the Scottish poet Janette Ayachi:

“Poets are persistent; they push for publication, they push for the surrender of their lovers and they push for the truth. They do not give up until they have measured every angle of the heart, chased every possibility, rattled every cage.”

A writer’s difference from other people means they don’t get understood, they don’t get heard, except when they write.

Which means that so often writers shy away from other people.

A life away from people is fine if you’re a poet. You can live alone, write poetry on your own, and send it out from your bedroom.

But shying away from people is useless if you want to be a screenwriter.

And that’s why I run the Goldmine Tribe.

Getting a brilliant script to the screen, and established enough so you can do it reliably, is bloody hard work.

It can be lonely at times.

The Tribe is how I best help, serve and support the screenwriters who are committed to achieving that.

I started Tribe in Autumn 2017. I wanted to build a group of people who came together because they realised that, in order to make the dreams become real, they had have to stop thinking about it and actually DO IT. 

We in the Tribe know we can’t do our best work in total isolation – and we certainly can’t build a presence in the industry on our own.

We all need help from other smart, motivated people who get us; who are like us.

It’s why I set up the Tribe.

For you. And for others like you.

Here's what one current Tribe member has to say about the process:

Goldmine Tribe will:

  • Help you keep your motivation up (and procrastination to a minimum).
  • Help keep you connected with other smart writers like yourself, so you can do your best work. Not in isolation, but with others on the same journey, with everyone working to get the success with their writing that they want.
  • Help you write the best scripts of your life so far, sparking new ideas and bringing in industry script editors on a one-to-one basis, so you can develop as a writer, reaching higher into the industry and attracting the attention of the people who have the power to hire you.
  • Introduce you to people actively employing writers in the industry.
  • Help you multiply your ability to operate as a writer at your HIGHEST LEVEL, both mentally and physically, because we care passionately about our bodies and wellbeing, as much as the writing.
  • Be, perhaps most importantly, a “Results Factory” — because we value learning through action and practice, writing and meeting people, over just consuming more books and blog posts because they promise some magic bullet result.

As part of the Tribe you will:

  • Spend a month breaking down recent TV shows with the template I supply to find, consume, and digest the hidden structures that make them work.
  • Be given a current industry script editor to work with, one-on-one, on three drafts of a brand new script of your own devising. (These are script editors who either have a current day job on a popular TV show currently in production, or who have serious experience producing scripts within the last eighteen months. That ensures the guidance they bring is utterly current and aligns with recent industry best practice.)
  • Get regular one-on-one meet and greets with many more script editors, agents, and leading TV writers, all of whom will brainstorm pitches with you.
  • Have monthly face to face meetings in London, and monthly online meetings in between.
  • Get regular direct phone access to myself to call on for advice or strategic help. I’ve spent hours guiding existing Tribe members in this very personal, very direct way.
  • Be part of a close, very friendly, mutually supportive group of writers who will all look out for each other - and who I suspect will continue to do so for years to come.

"The Tribe has meant the world of difference to my writing career. One year later and I have an agent and six TV projects optioned and in development. None of which I had at the start of the Tribe. To be blunt it’s paid for itself and transformed my writing career. How so? Obviously Phil doesn’t possess a magic potion, (I don’t think he does, maybe the coffee?) But what he does on the Tribe is take all the raw talent that you have and, like any good producer, he supports you to channel it and make it something so much more than its parts. Mixing that with industry support to write the best spec you’ve ever written, genuine networking with people inside who can help your career, a new support network of up and coming hungry writers … and, well, it works. It absolutely works."
~ Jon Baker

"My network has ballooned. It's gone from 2 people to about 30 or 40 now, and it's a case of keeping on top of it all. I never knew who to target to be honest, and when I did know I felt scared to do so. The Tribe has shown me mostly people you contact in the industry are nice and will help. I feel like I have the confidence to approach anyone at the script editor/dev ex level. I just pinged an email to the script editor of 'Silent Witness' asking to meet and he said 'yes'. Without the Tribe I would never have done that. The networking that this process leads to is its USP definitely, and it beats the value of any MA or BA in Screenwriting. I can honestly say that I would rather have done the Tribe than my MA due to the fact that I now have the emails of so many people in the industry. There really is nothing like it in the industry."
~ Rossa McPhilips

“The Tribe has been a game changer in terms of mindset. I used to believe that writing a good script was enough and would get me noticed. But now I realise that “getting in” is a long game and impossible without building relationships. I’ve gone from being scared to leave the security of my computer to actively enjoying meeting agents, script editors and producers. As a result, my understanding of the landscape has improved, I’ve developed a career strategy I’m happy with. I feel I’ve got momentum to go forwards!”
~ Caroline Dean

“My eyes have been opened to the possibilities of getting a break in the TV industry. I’d sat back and not really thought too much about meeting people or making contacts. This mistake has started to be corrected through joining the Tribe. I feel more confident in myself to share ideas and talk to people about them. I’m more relaxed which helps me a lot. The monthly meetings in London have been great for this. Working with Simon Curtis has been a valuable experience. I’ve got an insight into the process of writing TV drama and to show what I’m about. I’m also in a much better place in understanding what is required to get on. I’ve already had an offer from an agent and I’ll be cracking on with contacting some more when my TV pilot is complete. I’m further down the road than I expected I would when I joined. Even though I’m not yet a paid writer, I feel I’m in the mix somewhere. I feel like a writer. I know joining the Tribe has been a good decision.”
~ Kevin McDonnell

“Tribe has made me realise that writing is not just something I want to do, but that it’s a career. Possibly the biggest mental gear shift has been my attitude to networking. Seeing it as an opportunity to make friends. Interestingly, it has been easier to sell the Tribe than myself. Meeting with the director of embryonic production company Fusion Pictures, I was able to sell the idea of a great group of talented writers, all bubbling with ideas, a sort of ‘57 varieties, easy one stop shop.’ He asked me to forward his details to the group. Then, there is the support, the sharing of information and difficulties - brilliant. Most of all I like the sense of a beginning, a middle and an end, that the process offers. It gives me a narrative to work toward.”
~ Helen Turnbull

“Tribe has massively increased my confidence. I feel far more assured in my writing and far more equipped to approach Agents, Script Editors and Producers. And thanks to the Tribe’s monthly one to one meetings with industry guests, as well as the impetus the Tribe has given me in building up my network at other industry events, I now have a concrete list of contacts who I am not only comfortable approaching but who have also requested to see my scripts. I think the Tribe has given my writing career the adrenalin boost it needed.”
~ Steve Butler

“I have 2 producers at the moment showing interest in the script I am developing with Sophia, so I am really motivated to do well. Nothing like a potential buyer waiting for your stuff to be finished.”
~ Natalie Ekberg

“Phil’s and the Tribe’s pitching sessions and meetings with industry people have really paid off. One in terms of meeting people who are actively working in the industry; and second, for the practice of pitching your ideas in a real-world context under pressure, to those people. It may sound simple, but doing it does make you better at it. I recently took part in a large pitching session, and I don’t think I could have handled it as well if I hadn’t had the experience of doing it every month—our sessions are invaluable for that. Now I don’t even think of it as ‘pitching’, but just chatting about what you’re working on. Sounds easier said than done, but really a lot easier with practice. And I’ve been able to make real connections, build real relationships with people—producers and writers—whom I’ve met and will continue to meet beyond the Tribe. So thank you Phil and the Tribe!”
~ Jiwon Lee

What does the Goldmine Tribe cost?

Is the Tribe a 'cost'? Or an investment?

I see it as an investment in yourself, your writing, and even your health.

(I’m fascinated by health, and how better health leads to greater results. Your writing is your life, and like all your life, it’s so much better if you can bring focus, energy, and a clear mind to it.)

This investment is about EXPECTING to earn back multiples when you consistently show up and do the important work.

I and my editors are here to help you every step of the way.

We also have a 0%APR payment plan available. You can spread the payments over six months, with a deposit of £2,000 and then five more monthly payments of £400. Total £4,000 inc. VAT.

“It's a fantastic place to meet new writers, script editors, and development executives who can help make your work really shine.”
~ Tom Williams
(Development Executive, 42 Productions; Free Rein, Script Editor: The Man in The High Castle, EastEnders, Doctors, Waterloo Road)

“It's far and away the best course for emerging writers in the UK (and I've been invited to guest on quite a few!). Professional, informative and friendly.”
~ Warren Sherman
(Literary Agent, Cecily Ware Literary Agency)

“Tribe gives you access to industry workers and their experience and expertise. They know what works and sells.”
~ Simon Curtis
(Script Editor, BBC Doctors)

“The Tribe is a wonderful place to meet new and interesting writers. It offers many opportunities to discuss all things writing with people across the industry and start conversations which can help build a career.”
~ Georgie Smith
(Agent’s Assistant - The Agency)

“After having met so many writers and realising how there is a huge amount of talent and creativity just waiting to burst through then how good is it that writers now have that chance? They'll meet the best agents, script editors, producers etc. People they probably would never have had any exposure to before The Tribe. And Phil Gladwin knows enough about scripts to set you up for life. I can't think of a better way in. It's on you to listen and learn and absorb and do the work but the doors are there to be opened.”
~ Jeff Povey (Writer: EastEnders, The Dumping Ground, Casualty, Midsomer Murders, Shakespeare & Hathaway, Holby City, Hooten & the Lady, The Musketeers, By Any Means, Wild at Heart, Kingdom, Minder, Silent Witness, etc)

Building a career as a writer takes hard work and guts

It takes time and commitment …

If you make that commitment you're thinking like a pro.

You’re playing the long game …

And this is why the membership is a six month affair.

I’m committed to helping you; but I expect your commitment right out the gate.

Over and above the £4,000 (per 6 months) investment, I also personally interview each and every person who has chosen to join us.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing twelve TV eps a year, or if you still haven’t had your first commission.

I want to make sure you’re a fit for the Tribe.

I want to make sure you’re a writer too, so I will both consider how you’ll fit, and that your writing has potential.

If you’re accepted, I’ll send you instructions on how to secure your membership.

If you’re not accepted, I’ll let you know why, and we’ll part friends.

Lucas Kingman Insight

Twelve Writers Maximum

I want to know everyone in the group.

That’s just being true to myself - all my life I’ve preferred small groups.

I work better that way.

Each Tribe membership is capped at 12 people.

This is also why I have an application process…

… so that I can make sure that each member will best serve the collective, as well as being someone who I can best help.

There needs to be a certain “can do” mindset, and there needs to be a culture fit that’s in line with the Tribe we are building.

Phil Gladwin - Founder & Writer


"The Tribe is the best thing I've ever done by far! I only wish I'd done this instead of my MA. (And I'd even consider doing a third)."
~ Jacqueline Cloake

“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”
~ Attributed to Theodore Roosevelt

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