The Story So Far

I'm Phil Gladwin. This is my site.

I’ve been both a screenwriter, and a script editor trying to find a new writer for my show.

I’ve been writing for 25 years, but I had my first break as a trainee BBC Script Editor in London back in the mid 1990’s. I worked as a Script Editor for the BBC and ITV for the next five years, doing full terms on several big popular mass market shows such as Casualty and The Bill. I also did long periods of development script editing for the BBC and World Productions, a multiple Bafta winning top indie production house.

In 2000 I moved into writing full time. You can check me out out on if you want full details of my produced work, and behind the scenes I've been commissioned to write scripts and treatments for many different shows and most genres of television drama over the years. (Including recently "Trial & Retribution" for Lynda la Plante, and two episodes of the new Doctor Who spin-off show "The Sarah Jane Adventures".)

My Screenwriting Goldmine screenwriting course package is a precise, detailed step by step method that is taken directly from that mass of experience. It will lead you by the hand, all the way from your vague notion that you’d like to write a screenplay right through to a respectable first draft.

It’s written for a wide audience: absolute beginner, up to those who have written several screenplays but feel they don’t know what they are doing; to those who think they know what they are doing but can’t get anyone else to agree - in fact anyone who hasn’t sold at least a couple of screenplays.

I hope you like what you find. It’s all for real.

If you have any questions just send me an email.

Or you can write to me at:

Tradejammer Ltd
63 Lansdowne Place
E. Sussex
United Kingdom


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