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The Seven Day Shorts Screenplay contest

The October contest is now CLOSED

This contest is just for fun and to keep you writing.

Once again, you have seven days to write a great short screenplay of between one and ten pages.

 Let your imagination run riot!

  • There are no genre restrictions. Choose the genre you love, from contemporary drama, right through to Flash Gordon style space opera.
  • You can have any cast size you like, from a single person right through to a mob of ten thousand.
  • Your story can be set at any point in history, from prehistory all the way into the far future.

So you can be as clever - or as simple - as you like


Short film script competition - two categories

You can enter in either of two categories:

1: Freestyle

Any subject, any style. Write the story you've always wanted to tell. 

2: The Elements Challenge

You accept our challenge to write a script in seven days that includes our Three Obligatory Elements.

This time they are:

  • Childbirth
  • Schooldays
  • Road rage

"I have enjoyed writing this short and responding to the challenge. If nothing else, I am proud that I took up the challenge and have gone from concept to finished script in under a week. All the best"~ Scott


All entries will be read by October's guest judge Sholla Coker

After gaining an English degree from Warwick university, and an MA from Rada and Kings College, Sholla decided to try and crack the television industry.

Beginning six years ago, as a production runner and then researcher, she eventually broke into the world of script editing. Sholla has worked across many primetime BBC dramas such as Death in Paradise, By Any Means and Holby City; where she also received her first producer credit in January 2018.

Alongside this achievement, Sholla has also been recognised by the Edinburgh TV Festival Talent Scheme, as a 'One to Watch'.

Her true passion lies in developing and nurturing new and diverse talent, both within and outside of her current role, as drama development executive at Two Halves Pictures.


The results will be announced on Thursday 25th October.

The writer of the winning script, (which may be picked from either category), wins:

  • £100 cash
  • A coffee meeting in London to discuss your script and your writing, and get general career advice from Sholla Coker (or a Skype call if you can't make it to London) 
  • A second coffee meeting in London with Philip Gladwin (or Skype call)
  • Three-month subscription to Open Door

Rules for submitting a screenplay

  • A script may only be entered for one section, either Freestyle, or the Elements Challenge.
  • A script entered in the Freestyle section may coincidentally include any or all of the Three Obligatory Elements listed above.
  • Each script in the Elements Challenge must include our Three Obligatory Elements.
  • Each script (in either category) must be between one and ten pages in length, excluding any title page.
  • Scripts with no dialogue are perfectly valid.
  • Please submit your entry in PDF format only.
  • The entry fee is £30.00.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable.
  • You can enter as many times as you like.
  • The contest is open to all writers, whatever your background and level of experience, wherever you live.
  • A script submitted is final, so make sure you don't enter before you're ready. You may enter multiple versions of the same story, but each version needs a new entry fee.
  • Doors close after seven days, at 23.59 pm London time on Thursday October 11th 2018. No exceptions.
  • Results will be published on this web page, the Screenwriting Goldmine Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as being emailed out.
  • Winners: if you place in the final three we will post the title, your name, and a short logline here on the Goldmine.

There are no other rules for this great short film script competition. Just set yourself free and write something fabulous!

"Really enjoyed the opportunity to write to a deadline. It's great to practice, practice and practice some more. Kind regards." ~ Kathleen

How to enter

It's simple. Just make payment and then email us your script...

1. Make a payment

Step 2. Send us your short script

Once you have paid, then make sure your name, script title, the category you've entered (Freestyle or Seven Day Challenge) and your email are all clearly visible on the first page of the script, and then email the script to

At the risk of being boring... please make sure your name, the script title, the category you are entering, and your email are clearly visible on the first page of the script!

We will acknowledge safe receipt of your payment and your script as soon as practically possible inside our office hours. (Between 10am - 6pm Monday to Friday).

Any questions, please email

Doors are currently CLOSED.


This short film script competition is organized by Screenwriting Goldmine.

Screenwriting Goldmine has been working with new screenwriters since 2007. 

We are dedicated to helping writers build their skills and develop their careers. 

Our mission is to find exciting screenwriters and help them take flight. This informal monthly screenwriting festival is an important part of that - we believe regular writing is vital to build your creativity.

We can't wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!