Script Consultant

Script Consultant

Before you send your script out, make sure it's as good as it can be with advice from our in-house script expert.

You have a script you love, but you only get one chance to make that first impression.

Before you send your pet project out into the world, our expert in-house script consultant can read it, give you notes to make it better, and help you with some tips on how you can best take it to market.

The right person does all it takes to ensure you have an impressive and compelling script. They can help you take your work – and maybe your career – to the next level.

Danny West

The industry is fiercely competitive and developing any length of script is a highly demanding task, one which requires a strong partnership between a writer and script editor. 

We are delighted to announce that Danny West has returned for his second tour of duty as our resident script consultant.

Danny is currently working hard in the industry, very close to the coal face, and has gained great experience over the last few years on some Britain's most popular dramas.

He's also very friendly, very approachable, and committed to helping new writers improve.

Here's what he says about himself:

Danny WestScript Consultant

I’m currently a script editor on EastEnders and I love the work I do, helping writers thrash out their story and providing insight into the weird and wonderful world of Walford. I’ve also script edited on BBC’s Casualty and assisted on Sky One’s Hooten & The Lady. I’ve been script editing for telly for the last two years.

Before this I worked at Red Planet Pictures writing reports on scripts, treatments and books and looking for new talent as part of the reading team for the Red Planet Prize and have produced and directed work at Southwark Playhouse, Theatre 503, The Roundhouse and Pleasance Theatre for over five years.

Throughout all of that time I’ve also been a writer. I understand the effort it takes to get your story working on the page and the time and energy it took to get you to this point.

I offer a script reading service to help you make that next step. You'll receive a report focusing on structure, characterisation, what’s working and ideas on how to improve your script with a turnaround time of three weeks.

I love bold concepts, witty dialogue and writers who aren’t afraid to dig as deep as they dare to go. I want to help you tell your story rather than forcing an idea into a cookie cutter mould.

Script consultant services

Danny's script reports are a minimum of five pages and give you:

  • A log line
  • A short summary of your screenplay to show you how your story is coming across.
  • Ideas on what’s working
  • Ideas on what needs work
  • Thoughts on which channel and which slot the show could suit best

If you'd like to order, use the following buttons to make payment, and send your script to Danny at and Danny will be in touch directly.


25-75 pages



76-125 pages



126 pages and longer

Email to discuss

Use this option for longer scripts, or for other types of queries, such as treatments, pitches, bibles etc

PLEASE NOTE: Turnaround time is currently THREE weeks.