Script Consultant

You have a script you love, but before you send it out into the world our expert in-house script consultant can read it, give you notes to make it better, and some tips on how you can best take it to market.

The industry is fiercely competitive and developing any length of script is a highly demanding task, one which requires a strong partnership between a writer and script producer. 

The right script consultant does all it takes to ensure you have an impressive and compelling script. 

Introducing Jyoti Fernandes

We are delighted to announce Jyoti Fernandes as resident script consultant for the Goldmine.

Jyoti is currently Development Producer at London-based Douglas Road Productions, the indie set up in 2015 by Lenny Henry and BAFTA winning producer Barbara Emile. She has many years' professional experience, gained at the very sharp end of drama production as producer and script producer for the BBC and Sky.

What's more, as a writer herself, she is more than sympathetic to the bumps and dips of the creative process.

When you hire Jyoti you are hiring one of those rare people with real professional experience from both sides of the writing/producing divide. 

Jyoti FernandesScript Producer

I have been a successful producer, script producer, script editor and freelance writer for television, radio and theatre for nearly three decades.

Originally working as Jyoti Patel, I helped set up C5’s Family Affairs, as their lead storyliner/script editor, followed by series/script editor on Grange Hill, Casualty and Silent Witness.

I have also worked in development for Sony Pictures International as a development producer, and as creative consultant for Rialto Films. In both companies I was involved in developing original ideas from new and experienced writers for primetime drama.

My experience has also taken me to BBC EastEnders as writer [at the age of 17!] and as producer [not at the age of 17!] where I spent nearly two years juggling 16 episodes at any one time and all at different stages of production.

After a career break to raise my son I returned as script associate on Sky One’s comedy drama, Stella, and most recently as script producer on, You, Me and the Apocalypse.

Now celebrating my 29th year in the industry, I am keen to pursue my passion to work with new writers and share my wealth of crazy experiences to help you achieve your dream of writing for TV. I’m always on the hunt for writers with an art for storytelling, and a flair for dialogue. Combining this with my desire to nurture and develop new talent, I can use simple but sophisticated storytelling techniques to help writers devise imaginative stories.

I’ve worked with Jyoti as Script Editor and Script Producer on both domestic genre procedurals and on international comedy-dramas.

Her skill and diligence in these very different styles of work was always of the very highest quality. She’s an excellent creative problem solver and her hard work and good humour got us through some tight squeezes. Her clarity and confidence in dealing with writers was always appreciated, not just by me but by the writers themselves.

Nick Pitt
Producer, 'You Me and the Apocalypse' (Sky Drama), 'The Passing Bells' (BBC Drama), 'Misfits' (Channel 4) 

Jyoti is a fantastic script consultant and a real joy and pleasure to work with. She is supportive, creative and completely gets the process from start to finish. Any writer would be lucky to work with her.

Mickey Down
Screenwriter, film/TV

Jyoti’s feedback dug deep and was enormously incisive and constructive. Everything in fact, an aspiring writer needs to develop their craft and produce their next draft. Invaluable.

Screenwriter, London (April 2016)

The feedback I received was not only extremely clear and specific, but went in depth with the analysis of what worked and didn't work in my script. Jyoti proved to be an excellent script reader, who understands the writers' intentions, their characters and themes, and encourages them to improve and keep writing. Her notes were on point, stimulative and constructive. It's the kind of feedback that inspires you to write more and write better, instead of making you feel like you want to drop your project.

Jessica Romagnoli
Screenwriter, London (April 2016)

Script consultant services

Use these tabs to browse through and see the script consultant services currently on offer. When you're ready to order, just follow the instructions in each tab. 

You've been great, wanting more and more script notes, and Jyoti is now booked solid, with a turnaround time stretching well into February. 

Please don't order her services at the moment. We'll update this page when she's back and ready for more.

  • Treatments
  • script reading
  • face to face
  • proofing
  • in depth

Full Script Editing

In-depth, professional script development, as it would be carried out at a production company in the UK. 

Jyoti explains:

This is a face to face meeting with me in London. We'll meet and go through your script in depth.

We'll start at the beginning and work our way through your script, looking at the main story, characters, and well as how the different narratives are being played out. I will help you cross-fertilise your story strands so that each scene has more than one dynamic and an emotional journey for your characters.

This is a brilliant opportunity to go through each scene and determine how it contributes to the overall thrust of the story.

By the end of this process, you will have a solid scene by scene structure, highlighting every story turn, which you can take away to start writing your next draft.

NB. We recommend you only take this service once you have been through the script reading service above and received a detailed script report outlining what is working or not, and ways to improve it.

Once you have received that script report, and if my notes have enthused you enough to want to work with me to redraft your episode, then I would recommend this service as the next step.

It is an intense process but invaluable. And fun too!!!

Jyoti FernandesScript Producer

Email Jyoti direct on to arrange.