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Why not be a Screenwriter?

After taking this course you will know exactly
how to write the kind of script that people actually want to read!

"I’ve distilled decades of industry experience to create my scriptwriting course.
It guides you through a very commercially appealing story building method and
takes you all the way from from a blank page to a first draft you can be proud of.
A first draft that will get people excited!" ~ Phil Gladwin

Screenwriting Video Course

In this step-by-step audio-visual course I show you how to:

  • Develop great ideas for TV, film, radio or stage
  • Develop them into a story in the way that has the most impact
  • Turn the stories into scripts that people want to read - and buy

I originally created this course for beginners. But experienced screenwriters tell me they wish they'd found it years ago.

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I’ve written two screenplays since I read this book. I’ve had two producer requests for one of them, one producer request for the other, and a producer request based on a seven-word logline for a scenario that’s not yet a script! Stuff like this has never happened to me before.

Ian Hamilton 

My course shows you how to create screenplays that can sell

If you're just starting to write...

…You might have come up against challenges in writing your screenplay.

Maybe you’re having doubts about your idea, or maybe you’ve run out of steam after 30 pages. Perhaps you’re not sure your characters are strong enough. Whatever the case, you know that your screenplay needs work.

Or if you've got a finished draft...

…You might have sent your work to producers. But maybe you’ve had rejections – or no replies at all.

Unfortunately, it’s not because the producers are idiots who have missed the point of your ideas. And it’s not because they only hire their friends. It’s because your script still needs work.

Don't worry, I can help

My course shows you how to:

Become more creative: I give you a simple framework for generating ideas – a starting point from where you can develop your own creative personality

Create great characters, and a strong narrative: stories with real, complex characters behind them – these are the stories producers buy

Take a professional approach: My advice comes from years of writing and selling screenplays. So you can learn from my mistakes, and my successes

This is practical advice you can use straight away

I’ll explain details such as:

· The one definition of drama you should always keep in mind

· The 4 Tent Poles that you must find in your story

· What a beat sheet is – and why you should never start writing without one

· A specific direction for your opening act, to make sure you start strong

· The three particular struggles your hero could face

· The characteristics that make a great hero – and a great villain

· Why internet research can kill your screenplay

· A simple trick to drive your story and raise the intensity

· The one scene that your whole screenplay has been waiting for – and how to get it right

Phil GladwinCourse Creator

There are tons of screenwriting guides out there, written by people from all kinds of backgrounds. Some are great, theoretical analyses of why stories work, and some are really insightful. But they won’t help you put pen to paper, and sell your work.

This course is all about creating screenplays that sell. I’m a screenwriter and script editor with twenty years' experience in the industry. I've written many, many screenplays, and have had them produced and seen by audiences of millions. So I know exactly what it takes to go from seeing the blank page to seeing your work on screen.

That's why this course is different. It's about creating work that sells.

You can purchase a screenwriting book from gurus who have never written a screenplay in their life. Or you can purchase the Screenwriting Goldmine… written by a working screenwriter who knows what it takes to write a killer screenplay.

Kat Yares

Still thinking about it?

"I’m a beginner, and I think this might be too advanced for me."

Please don’t worry - I designed this course especially for beginners. It covers all the basics, and I explain everything in a simple, clear way. Of course, completing a screenplay takes work – you won’t have knocked out an Oscar winner by next week. But I’ll hold your hand all the way to the end of your first draft. And once you’ve finished it, you’ll be delighted that you did.

"I'm really busy and I don't know if I've got time"

I know the feeling. But the course distills everything down to the essentials, so there’s no fluff. Of course, writing your screenplay will take time. But there’s no getting around that! And, once you’re done, you’ll feel an unbelievable sense of achievement.

"I've got loads of books about screenwriting, but I haven't read half of them. What if I never get through this course?"

I’ve definitely been there! But I’ve made the course extremely easy to complete. Everything is broken down into 14 easy, sequential steps, with actions at the end of every step. I even suggest how much time you should spend on each one. In fact, the structure produces such great results that people find it inspiring.

"Maybe I just don’t have enough natural ability to be a screenwriter."

It’s true that different people have different natural abilities – some already have a great ear for dialogue, or a vivid imagination, while others have to work harder to develop those things. But this course shows you that there are certain techniques you can learn, with practice. Whatever your level, my exercises will help you take the next step.

I feel confident that our course will work for you. In fact, if you don’t think it delivers on everything I’ve promised, let me know within 60 days – and I’ll give you a full refund.

Thank you, thank you, thank you lots!

I've been trying for over a month to crack the opening scenes of a comedy film. 'It will come', I kept telling myself but it never did - despite day upon day of hard, mind-melting, graft.

But this morning I did your 'Get Some Seeds' visual bank exercise - and as if by magic, I have an opening that really works. Now that I've started thinking in visuals rather than words, the establishing scenes are flowing like a fountain of Irn-Bru.

Still got a lot of work to do, but this has been tantamount to witchcraft.

Lynda Kennedy 
Screenwriter, Glasgow

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About Phil Gladwin, founder of Screenwriting Goldmine and course creator

Phil is a professional screenwriter and script editor, and the founder of Screenwriting Goldmine. He’s been working in the UK TV industry since 1995. He’s worked with the BBC, ITV, and many different independent production companies to write or edit TV shows such as New Tricks, The Dumping Ground, An Bronntanas, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Grange Hill, Holby, Trial & Retribution, The Bill, Casualty, Bugs, Crossroads, and Berkeley Square, plus a good few others that never made it to broadcast.

Before becoming a screenwriter he worked as a cycle courier in London, a researcher in Artificial Intelligence at Cambridge University, and a technical writer for an IBM systems software house. His least favourite job was being the man who sat outside a massive freezer keeping tally of the movements of tons and tons and tons of frozen fish. He now lives by the sea in Brighton.