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Written a great script but don't know what to do with it?

You've come to the right place.

Open Door is the only British monthly to publish regular, genuine insider info on how the TV industry works for writers - and how screenwriters get hired.

It's vital reading for anyone who wants to make a living as a scriptwriter.

"How to make finally make contact with the people who can buy your script - and how to talk to them like an insider..."

(And you DON'T have to worry about 'networking'!)

  • Our regular interviews let you see how agents, script editors and producers think
  • Our industry features show you how to build a career as a screenwriter in the British TV industry
  • Our monthly summary of writers' opportunities could help your career finally take off!

If ever you want to see your work on the screen, live your life as a professional writer, or even if all you want is to feel confident talking to agents and producers on the same level, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year.

Here's why...

Because not knowing how the industry really works can doom you to never selling a script, and force you to spend your entire writing 'career' in a state of pent up frustration.

"These newsletters are vital"
- Dominic Carver, Screenwriter
"I've just been binge-reading the Open Door archive - and it's fabulous! Very enjoyable and full of info, as promised. I enjoy the variety of content, your style of delivery and the topics covered. I'm very happy with my subscription."
- Rebecca Handley, Screenwriter

Here's how and why I can make you this promise...

My name is Phil Gladwin and I'm the founder of Screenwriting Goldmine, and founder and editor of the monthly Open Door newsletter.

I've had over twenty years' experience as both a screenwriter and a script editor (most recently Head of Development for a major London indie). I have writing or editing credits on over 70 episodes of broadcast TV drama, and developed many, many more episodes that never made the screen.

Just to give you confidence that I've been there and done it, here are just the last few years of my IMDB listing:

Philip Gladwin IMDB Profile

During all these years working on these high profile TV shows I've learned there is one absolute certainty: all the time you're not broadening your network you're letting your career slip through your fingers.

Making connections is the key to your success as a screenwriter, and our Open Door newsletter is the only monthly source of information on this process that I know about in the UK.

Open Door gives you all the tools and understanding you need to start making professional contacts within the industry.

Valuable contacts who actually have the power to buy your scripts.

What's more, the Open Door members Facebook group puts you in touch with like-minded people sharing tips and opportunities, so you can begin immediately.

The British TV industry is big, complex, and hard to get hold of. Every day you delay getting involved is a day you're putting yourself behind writers who ARE making the effort to meet agents and producers.

The sad fact is that most screenwriters never get any traction

BBC Writersroom say they get many thousands of scripts a year. The new writers who make it to commission through that system number in single figures.

Why do so many writers never get through?

Partly because their writing isn't ready of course (you will always need a brilliant script or two) but all too often because they lack sufficient knowledge of what's going on in the drama world to really impress at pitch meetings.

Here's just the tip of the iceberg of what you get from Open Door:

• A door opening into a highly lucrative career. (An average fee for a single one hour TV script is anywhere between £12 and £25k.)
• An awareness of how script editors and producers think about scripts and story.
• An understanding of how sitting at home and firing off scripts blind to random producers is like planning a career based on winning the lottery. (You can waste years of your life this way.)
• You'll learn how to make targeted submissions to people who are hungry to read your work, and stop wasting time and energy on people who will never be interested.
• You'll end the massive frustration of not knowing what to do with your scripts.

In March 2018 we called 413 production companies in the UK. Only 35 of them said they would regularly read unsolicited scripts. That's just 8%.

Which means over 90% percent of the time these companies are either sending unsolicited script submissions straight back, deleting them unread, or simply letting them pile up in a remote corner of a hard drive somewhere with no intention of them every being read.

Can it be any more clear? You need to submit smart if you are not to completely waste your time!

When literary agents are looking for new writers they often listen to recommendations from producers.

When producers are looking to hire writers they usually listen to recommendations from literary agents.

It's a tight, closed circle of approval into which you MUST break if you are going to sell your writing.

  • When you get your first meeting, or sell your first script, imagine how good you'll feel when you know you put all this into place from 'outside'.
  • When you start being able to talk to agents and producers in their own terms, imagine how it will change the way they see you in meetings.
  • Imagine telling your friends and family about how you've just been in for a meeting with this agent, or how you have a project in development at that company.

So here's the bottom line with Open Door

Open Door

Open Door is a monthly newsletter packed with the info screenwriters need to help them get their scripts into the hands of the commissioners.

You get detailed advice and insight on how to navigate the industry from experts on both sides of the commissioning fence, plus news on recent greenlights, new shows to watch out for, a networking diary, and all the writing opportunities we can find.

What's more you get all of this for only £7.50 per issue.

Open Door is only available as a download from our members area, so you can be reading it within minutes of your order.

But things get better with these instant bonuses when you act now and take out a subscription...

Bonus #1: Free Copy of Connect!

If you subscribe to Open Door right now we'll post you a FREE printed copy of our successful Connect! book. We research this every year to find the people who are reading new scripts. In 2018 we have 35 agents and production companies here in the UK who are looking for new writers and who want you to send them your scripts.

Real value: £9.99. Connect! has sold hundreds of copies since we launched it in April 2018. 

Bonus #2: Open Door Private Members Facebook Group

When you subscribe to Open Door right now, you also get instant access to our FREE Facebook subscribers only membership group. This is full of like-minded people sharing strategies and additional opportunities for writers

Real Value: £££? What price can you put on networking with like-minded peers at the same stage of their careers?

Bonus#3: Open Door Archive

Every subscriber gets complete unlimited access to every back issue of Open Door, stretching back to April 2016.

Real Value: £££? but climbing. Every new issue adds more and more material. More interviews, more How-To articles. This is a real treasure trove - almost like an encyclopaedia of how to enter the British TV industry.

As you can see, these bonuses add a terrific extra value ... but they're yours when you act now!

And you have nothing to lose because you can...

Take a full 30 days to put us to the test with our iron-clad, money-back guarantee. 

"If Open Door doesn't give me insider access to the mind of the industry ... if it doesn't take me by the hand and show me inside those fiendishly hard to penetrate script offices, if I don't feel that am gaining any understanding of how I could sell my script, or if it doesn't make me feel like I'm reading insider knowledge born from years of experience, then I understand that I will receive a full refund of even that first month's payment, absolutely No Questions Asked!! (And of course, your free copy of Connect! is yours to keep.)"

To your writing!

Phil Gladwin

Founder, Screenwriting Goldmine

P.S. - You've wanted to be a professional writer for years, but you've never known how to make it happen. We do, so we ask you to stop dreaming and let us show you how to access the people in the industry who can help you take flight as a writer.

Open Door is available for download on the first Monday of every month.