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"We help you make the connections in the TV
industry that get you hired as a screenwriter!"

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Honest ... Positive ... Connected

  • DON'T HAVE AN AGENT? You're covered!
  • DON'T KNOW ANYONE? You're covered!
  • DON'T LIVE IN LONDON? You're covered!
  • HATE 'NETWORKING'? You're covered!
  • CAN'T AFFORD BIG FESTIVALS? You're covered!
  • TOTALLY LOST? You're STILL covered!

"...but how do I sell my screenplay when I don't KNOW anyone?"

It's so TOUGH to get yourself heard!

  • How do you show an agent that you can really write when most of them won't even return your emails?
  • Pro writers will say their network of personal connections is critical to them getting hired - but when you're starting out you don't HAVE any connections..!
  • We know the BBC Writersroom gets c. 6,000 scripts a year, and the Channel 4 screenwriting contest gets c. 1,300 entries a year. We estimate there are actually well over 30,000 screenwriters in Great Britain, all battling over a comparative handful of commissions. How on earth do you stand out from that kind of crowd?

All this is exactly why we designed Open Door.

Edited by an ex-screenwriter/Head of Development, Open Door is a monthly newsletter packed with the info you need to get your scripts into the hands of the commissioners.


We therefore pack each issue of Open Door with authoritative insight and many years' experience, as we open the doors on the industry to show you how things actually work.

It's basically like a treasure map to the UK TV industry.

Every month we put the latest issue together with just one thing in mind: helping screenwriters get hired!

See for yourself...

Open Door Covers

Every issue features:

  • Fresh interviews with script editors and/or producers
    Get to know the people behind the scenes, the people who are actually hiring writers right now - and find out what they are looking for.
  • Current opportunities for British screenwriters
    Find work with our monthly guide to job vacancies, shadow schemes, and industry backed training initiatives and competitions.
  • A profile of a drama production company
    We profile the companies who are currently making the drama that hits your screens. Find out what they're looking for - and what turns them off.
  • The month's drama greenlights
    Don't waste years of your life writing a project that is already being made: find out what is actually being put into production months long before it hits your screen.
  • Commentary and career advice from established screenwriters
    Hear about the realities of selling scripts, how to approach agents and producers, how to handle meetings, and much more. It's like having a mentor to guide you through your career.
  • Regular online webchats
    Ask established industry figures your career and writing questions in our real-time webchats.
  • UK networking and social diary
    Find out about events in your local area. Go along and start filling your address book with people who are currently engaged in the industry.
  • Free lifetime access to our subscribers only Facebook group
    Begin the journey into the industry from your own home.

Subscriptions are just £7.50 per month, and grant you FREE entry into the Fifth Screenwriting Goldmine Awards - one of the UK's leading script competitions


The more you know about the people who can hire you the better equipped you are to make the right pitches at the right times. 'Open Door' runs monthly profiles of current industry figures and production companies to give you the current landscape.


The entire industry can seem opaque to the new writer. Yet clearly opportunities exist, as new writers are hired every working day.

We point out the best access points and training initiatives for new writers, plus some legitimate paid opportunities when they arise.


Getting a script into production means jumping many different hurdles, most of which are hidden from the new writer.

Our monthly features on the realities of how commissions work shines a light into the different corners of the process.


Sending scripts out 'cold' to agents and production companies is a doomed strategy.

Over time 'Open Door' will give you the understanding you need to make intelligent, targeted approaches to people who actually want to hear from you. 

Open Door isn't just for new writers. After all, can you ever have too much information? Established writers can find a lot to like here too.


Rebecca HandleyScreenwriter

I've just been binge-reading the Open Door archive - and it's fabulous! Very enjoyable and full of info, as promised. I enjoy the variety of content, your style of delivery and the topics covered. I'm very happy with my subscription.

Wow! I read issue 3 last night. Absolutely loved it. Just printed all three off so I can highlight the important bits. Why did I not know about this before? I do love writing features, but TV is where I want to be, so over the coming months these newsletters are going to be vital.

Dominic Carver Screenwriter
Anthony EtheringtonScreenwriter

A great spread of content: articles, interviews, opportunities, green-lit – and a clear focus on practical tips and approaches. And (of course) the writing was crisp, clear and to the point!

I particularly liked the mindset focus of much of your advice. I'm convinced the psychological battle is critical to success and your tips show how in some very real ways.

Great newsletter! Full of really useful and down-to-earth information. There's so much guff out there it's easy to suffer from information overload. What I crave is good concise info that's easy to digest, and you've delivered. Many thanks. Look forward to the next one.

Caroline Slocock Screenwriter
Nick JacksonScreenwriter

It made me want to get straight back in front of the keyboard and write!

In a word, AWESOME.

Dee Chilton Screenwriter


The Screenwriting Goldmine was founded in the summer of 2007 by Philip Gladwin, a professional screenwriter and a script editor since 1995.

Philip has written or script-edited over 70 episodes of broadcast TV.

Philip GladwinFounder, Screenwriting Goldmine 

"I have had twenty years' experience as both a screenwriter and a script editor (most recently Head of Development for a major London indie). Over the last twenty years I have worked for many different companies and have made many friends among the industry - and it is this experience and these connections which make this newsletter an insider's view of the whole thing.

The Screenwriting Goldmine has a clear mission, to help writers develop their writing skills, and to build a career. Open Door is the next step in this journey. I hope you come along with us."

Phil Gladwin, Brighton

'Open Door' from Screenwriting Goldmine

Finished a script but you don't know what to do next?

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So each issue costs about the same as a couple of pints, a glass or two of prosecco - or three Costa Lattes if you're not a drinker! How much do you value your career after all?

P. S. The subscription to Open Door gives you full access to the online archive of past editions. This is a valuable library of industry insight and information, all yours, and available for download during the life of your subscription.


Includes interviews with Stephen Poliakoff, legendary British dramatist, and Nick Barron, literary agent at The Writer's Company. We have articles on the writer's journey, a look at whether women get shut out of writing drama, a piece on the commissioning cycle for drama at Radio 4, plus all regular news on recent TV greenlights, the new shows you must look out for, a diary full of networking events - and more..!

Look out for our twelfth (first birthday!) issue
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