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Work one-on-one with Phil Gladwin to understand why things have been stalling with your writing - and how to put that right 


Discover the Future of Your Writing Career

“Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.”

The Future

If writing is your passion but it's not yet your day job, it's usually because there's a mismatch somewhere.

Becoming a working screenwriter involves a balance between your writing, your ambition, your practical approach, and even the way you think about the whole process.

An imbalance, or a weakness in one or more of those areas can lead to a perfectly brilliant writer spinning their wheels and getting nowhere for years, or even decades.

Pure Mentor is a new one-to-one mentoring service designed to address just that.

You will work one-on-one with me, Phil Gladwin, founder of Screenwriting Goldmine and we will go through every element of your writing.

You will get in-depth feedback and friendly, individual advice on why you haven't yet seen the progress you have wanted.

I will aim to align all elements of your writing, show you where to direct yourself, and draw attention to any self-sabotage, so that your progress to your goals becomes inevitable.

Just as the Tribe is all I can do for a writer spread over six months, this is all I can do for a writer spread over two weeks.

Included in the package

  • A long (four hour +) face-to-face afternoon meeting in London or Brighton to discuss your goals, your ambitions, and your career so far. We will spend time digging down into what's been going on, look at your writing, and look at you. We'll work on uncovering the deepest reasons why you haven't been making the progress you'd like. (The face-to-face aspect of this session is essential – no Skype for this part.)
  • Full written feedback on two scripts of up to 120 pages.
  • One page written feedback on up to three more of your ideas.
  • Written career guidance report, with an honest, detailed diagnosis of what's been going wrong so far, and what you can do to correct that.
  • A written career development roadmap for the next six months, including practical exercises tailored to your situation, and a month-by-month activity schedule.
  • A second meeting (minimum two hours) in London or Skype to talk through the results, present your roadmap, and to set you off on your way.
  • All results and the second meeting delivered to you within three working weeks of our first meeting. You will receive honest, frank assessment of your current situation, where you've been going wrong, where you've been going right, and you will understand what you personally need to do to improve your chances of working regularly as a writer.

Who is Pure Mentor for?

  • Writers who understand that TV represents their best chance of working as a screenwriter in the UK today.
  • Writers who aren't sure if they are ready for The Tribe
  • Writers who want to test why they aren't getting anywhere
  • Writers who want an honest and frank assessment of their chances - I'm a kind, friendly person, but I will deliver bad news if it needs to be said
  • Writers who are stuck - who have given it their all and can't work out what the next move should be
  • Writers who understand how the right advice can cut years off their journey

What does it cost?

The Pure Mentor package costs £2,000 +VAT.

As places are very limited there has to be a selection procedure.

If you want to be considered for this one-to-one mentoring then the first step is to drop me an email telling me about your day job, your writing so far, and your writing ambitions. (Make sure you put 'Mentor Application' in the subject line.)

Make sure you also attach the first twenty pages of one of your recent scripts in PDF format.

I'll come back to you ASAP.

Phil Gladwin - Founder & Writer

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the higher part of yourself when sometimes it becomes hidden to your own view.” 
~ Oprah