Writer wanted for post apocalyptic short film (duration 5 – 10 minutes)

Discussion in 'Scripts Wanted' started by BigScreenStories, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. BigScreenStories

    BigScreenStories Bronze Member

    I am looking for a screenwriter for a project I am developing. A short film that should be between 5 – 10 minutes in duration, constructed from the following details.


    Claustrophobic post apocalyptic drama focusing on the survival of one girl.


    The Girl – A girl hiding out in a house on her own. She is completely and voluntarily shut off from the outside world and its unknown dangers.

    The Male – A character that appears in flashback sequences (conversations) with the Girl. It is never elaborated as to who he is or what significance he plays to her life. But the memory of these conversations are highly important to The Girl.

    The Enemy – A phantom group of people who have survived the apocalyptic event referred to in the film as “The Onset”. Her worst fear is to be found by the Enemy.

    Plot Summary:

    The fallout of a mysterious apocalyptic event known as “The Onset” has resulted in a survivalist world. The story begins 90 days after The Onset and consequently 90 days into the hiding of The Girl. She is hiding out in a heavily boarded up house. It is never explained how or why she has managed to escape detection from The Enemy for this long. Now after 90 days, supplies are running dangerously low. Although she has kept a level head over the course of her time in hiding, what results over the next three days (the duration of the film’s main timeline) is her dramatic breakdown. Throughout these three days, she remembers the final conversations that she had with a mystery male whom we are unaware of the identity of. The film ends with the Enemy entering the house and capturing the Girl. Even at this time, we physically never see the enemy.
  2. TaityLJ

    TaityLJ Bronze Member

    How old is the girl?

    And can the flashback sequences be set outside the building, or do you want the focus to remain on the girl and the present during the remembered conversations?
  3. TreyDroll

    TreyDroll Bronze Member

    I could do this in about a day. When do you need it?
  4. BazG

    BazG Bronze Member

    Have a few ideas and a similar outline of a story to this already prepared.

    Give me a shout if you are still looking

  5. TreyDroll

    TreyDroll Bronze Member

    Yes, I am still looking, I would also like to look at your Rehab and Schoolmaster scripts.
  6. BazG

    BazG Bronze Member

    Hi Trey
    Dont know if wires have been crossed, are you looking for the short film or longer scripts?

  7. TreyDroll

    TreyDroll Bronze Member

    Both it would seem. I replied to both posts not noticing that they were by the same person until you replied. I have more experience with short films than long but am able to do either or both.
  8. BazG

    BazG Bronze Member

    Hi Trey
    Sorry long weekend here so was off. If you send me your email I'll send you the Rehab and Schoolmaster scripts and the short film as well.

    Sent this via private message as well but not sure if that is working

  9. Spencer Barrett Films

    Spencer Barrett Films Bronze Member

    I'd definitely be interested in doing this if you still need someone. I like the whole post-apocalyptic idea and have been waiting for the right time to do one.

    Send me a PM if you still want this done.
  10. TreyDroll

    TreyDroll Bronze Member

    Hey Baz,

    Sorry for the late reply (I live on West Coast Canada for a start) but if you send over the scripts/outlines I can get started right away. Trevork1980[at]gmail[dot]com
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