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Discussion in 'Coverage Providers' started by Population17, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Population17

    Population17 Bronze Member

    This is a rather novice question but I'm to the point where I'd like to send my finished script out for some coverage.

    Before I pick a service to hand my money to so they can note up and down my script, should I get it registered first - WGA?

    I can see how I should but at the same time I could see having to make some changes and then have to register it again.

    What to do?

  2. LukeJames

    LukeJames Gold Member

    I suppose it's a bit of a gamble. You can get away with not reregistering if your changes aren't great, post coverage. But if they take you to the cleaners and your rewrite is a page one rewrite then you may have to reregister.
  3. Michael_C

    Michael_C Gold Member

    Yes, Brad... REGISTER IT! No if, ands, or buts.

    Even if your script were to change after receiving coverage, it's all still essentially based on the same concept, characters, plot and premise.

    And unless you make truly sweeping changes (adding/removing major characters, completely re-writing Act 2, etc.) you don't really need to re-register it.

    But certainly do so before you get coverage.

    PS: Have you done your own coverage on the script yet? It'll save you time and money if you do. ;)
  4. Michael_C

    Michael_C Gold Member

    Hence, the need to do your OWN coverage before sending it in to let someone else rip it up.

    There are lengthy check lists (on the web, in books, or heck - I'll give you one) you can use to gauge where your script is currently. I believe Scriv's placed some on here that could be found with a little searching.

    It pays in the long (and short) run. ;)
  5. keviny

    keviny Bronze Member

    WGA West is only $20:
    What is your work actually worth?

    Best Kevin
  6. Population17

    Population17 Bronze Member

    Well put

  7. StackerPentecost

    StackerPentecost Bronze Member

    REGISTER. Do it. It's only like $20, isn't it? Better safe than sorry.
  8. Phil

    Phil Administrator Staff Member

    I've never registered a script in my life, and can't see why I would.

    From what I hear registration with the WGA offers little real protection anyway.

    I believe, and this is only my ill informed OPINION, that were I the kind of guy to worry about protecting my work, then I would use a lawyer and do whatever it took to get it legally copyrighted. Apparently that offers far more legal protection. Apparently.

  9. davidartiste

    davidartiste Silver Member

    I am of the school of thought that you should:

    A) Register it with the Writer's Guild - $20

    B) Copyright it through the US Library of Congress (online) - $30

    For $50 your script is yours and protected. Small price for something so important.

    HENDRYBERG Bronze Member

    could anyone give me some advice on copyright in the uk

    Ive been looking and so many companys are there with different prices!

    No idea who to go with.

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