What makes of good action movies?

Discussion in 'Movie Chat' started by aschunk, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. aschunk

    aschunk Bronze Member


    what are good action about?

    The story, the characters, the actors, the music?

    What are your favorite incredients for good action movies?
  2. LukeJames

    LukeJames Gold Member

    Well, generally if you have a good story you have good characters.

    But a strong theme will do the trick. Syd Field wets his pants over Terminator 2... If you can get your hands on his book Four Screenplays, it's well worth it. T2 was of course memorable for Arnie's sacrifice at the end and the lines... I know now why you cry, but it's something I can never do. And Sarah Conner's last V.O. line of the movie... If a machine can learn the value of a human life, maybe we can too.

    Yup, Mr. Michael Bay could learn a thing or two from Mr. James Cameron.
  3. HollywoodScribe

    HollywoodScribe Bronze Member

    For me, what makes a good action movie is what makes a good comedy, or thriller, or drama; or any good movie.

    A good story and characters I identify with.
  4. caseyhein

    caseyhein Silver Member

    When you ask a room full of writers what they look for in a film. It's pretty much a given the answer you are going to get is Good story, great characters. This is what we do, we look at film differently than the average movie goer. We want a good story to transport us to a real, vibrant, compelling world for two hours. We expect more out of a filmic experience. My roommates on the other hand would answer this very question with "cool stuff happening, explosions, and titties".
  5. youdothatvoodoo

    youdothatvoodoo Bronze Member

    What you're saying about your roommates is right Casey, but ask them to distinguish between two films that deliver 'splosions and nekkid women, and they will likely gravitate towards the one that is well written. They might not be sure what that means in practice, but they can recognise it when they see it.

  6. amy001

    amy001 Guest

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  7. suviapoter

    suviapoter Bronze Member

    Hello Friends I like to refer action movies like Die Hard, The Terminator, James Bond Movies where its just straight up action with a really awesome character.And I also like the mafia style.

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