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Discussion in 'Screenwriting' started by victortiti89, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. victortiti89

    victortiti89 Bronze Member

    1)Is it compulsory to register with the WGA?
    2)If not,what are the benefits?
    3)What happens if you send your work to a production company/agent without registering it first?
    Thanks for answering!:)
  2. IAN M

    IAN M Bronze Member

    Are you talking about becoming a member or registering a script for copyright reasons? Both are totally different
  3. victortiti89

    victortiti89 Bronze Member

    for registering a script I'm working on...
  4. HollywoodScribe

    HollywoodScribe Bronze Member

    You have a registration date is there is a credit/payment issue in the future.
    Nothing will happen to you. You are not required to register a screenplay with the WGA.
  5. spinningdoc

    spinningdoc Bronze Member

    An elite squad of SEAL trained writers, led by Joe Esterhas and John August, rappel into your office and waterboard you until you sign the bank debit form.
  6. HollywoodScribe

    HollywoodScribe Bronze Member

    And that.

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