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Discussion in 'Screenwriting' started by Jadefox, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. Jadefox

    Jadefox Bronze Member

    I did a quick search but didn't find quite what I was looking for. I'm hoping someone can suggest an excelllent screenplay (hopefully one I can look at online) with a well-written battle scene. My current screenplay is not a war movie per se, but it will have several battle scenes where the action will tell the story more than the dialog. As such, I'd love to read a few that you guys think are tops.

  2. craktactor

    craktactor Moderator

    Saving Private Ryan

    There's a few of them in there.
  3. Jadefox

    Jadefox Bronze Member

    Thanks, Craktactor.
  4. ScriptFunnel

    ScriptFunnel Bronze Member

    What kind of battle scene? What time period? What weapons?

    Vietnam - Apocolypse Now, We Were Soldiers, Hamburger Hill

    Ancient/Middle Ages - Braveheart, Gladiator

    Fantasy - Lord of the Rings

    Sci-Fi - Star Wars (both old and new to see differences of writing style over time)

    Modern - Black Hawk Down

    ...and Saving Private Ryan (when they storm the beaches in the beginning) is a fantastic suggestion.
  5. Jadefox

    Jadefox Bronze Member

    All great scenes for sure, but are these all ones that are also well written? My screenplay is set during the inter-war years in Europe ('36-'37), but the timing isn't so important for the example. I simply want to see battle scenes that are superbly written.
  6. Reg

    Reg Silver Member

    All Quiet on the Western Front is packed with great war writing. Definitely worth a look.

    Other than that i'd second everything above: Saving Private Ryan and Apocalypse Now particularly.
  7. manfred von

    manfred von Gold Member

    the question is subjective, isn't it jadefox?
    recommend you read the scenes recommended by your helpful fellow miners here,
    supported by millions of movie-goers voting with their ticket purchases,
    and you decide which scenes are well-written--
    then you write one and post it in the forum for peer review...
    we'll give you our opinions.
    don't get preoccupied with research--
    the way to learn to write is to write.
  8. Jadefox

    Jadefox Bronze Member

    Thanks all! I wasn't meaning to be snotty...lol. I just know that some great scenes were made great well after the script was written, which, of course, is one way to do it, but not the way I want to do it.

    Great examples all, and I've read a few already.

  9. LukeJames

    LukeJames Gold Member

    I was thinking the same thing.
    If you want to be a writer then you should be able to decide upon such a thing.

  10. Jadefox

    Jadefox Bronze Member

    Sheesh....cut a guy some slack...lol.

    I write for a living, but as I'm sure you writers know, the stack of reading material on the bedside table is often VERY tall, especially when one is working on a research-intensive project. That is why I was asking for suggestions from people who have read more screenplays with battle scenes than I have. I'm not questioning my ability to decide on such things--I'm questioning my ability to read everything I want to read. :)

    Thanks for the suggestions. Please feel free to add more ideas or second any suggestions already provide. :)


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