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  1. maccabeus

    maccabeus Bronze Member

    Agmenon Literary Agency is accepting queries letters from aspiring screenwriters like no other agency in Hollywood I've seen.

    These guys are providing providing free consultancy services and coverage on even the dullest material submitted.

    I have submitted a material to them, though the material was neither sold or optioned, the extensive coverage and insight provided by these guys actually made a difference in my re-write.

    Go check them out yourself, and when you're back, don't for get to tell others:D

    Agmenon Literary Agency

    343 Los Feliz Blvd., Ste. 101
    Los Angeles, CA 90027
    Tel: (323) 856-8909


    Paul Neban (Director of Developement)
    Email:query at

    Agents List

    John Howler (President)

    Paul Neban (Director of Developement)
    Email: pneban at

    Julia Hashmore (Ass. Director of Developement)
    Email: jhashmore at

    William Turner
    Email: wturner at

    Benjamin Hartlan

    Micheal Milton

    Natasha Stille

    Hey dude! Before you go mail this guy, check out their web for more information.:rolleyes: Mail your query only to Paul Neban, cos other will still refer you to him.
  2. Twyla

    Twyla Bronze Member

  3. JohnB.

    JohnB. Gold Member

    Either they are an underground company or this fake. I googled them and got nothing.

    I also tried the website address and it is denied listing or something.
  4. craktactor

    craktactor Moderator

    Guys, c'mon.
    Didn't you notice the lack of grammar skills used?
    " accepting queries letters..." "I have submitted a material to them.."
    Obviously written by a seven year-old just having fun.
    Or someone where English is not their first language.
    Or just someone that's just plain slow/uneducated/doltish/etc...
    Or it's the president of the company - John Howler - seeing as his email is the only highlighted one. And if so... good luck with this one.
  5. Twyla

    Twyla Bronze Member

    Typos and grammatical errors happen to everyone, Crakt, particularly when one changes a choice in wording spontaneously. And the one email addy was auto-formatted by the forums because of the @.

    At least they're not someone who makes all their forum messages look like they C&P'd their chat logs. :rolleyes: Annoyingly difficult to read.

  6. davidartiste

    davidartiste Silver Member

    Guys, this isn't worth a debate. It's super simple. Call the WGAWest or East and ask if they are a guilded agency. If not, then they are an utter waste of time who is able to bubkis for you. if they are, then they are recognized as legitimate by the writer's guild and that is good enough.
  7. maccabeus

    maccabeus Bronze Member

    I once asked Gerard Jones if he ever sold his “GINNY GOOD” to a movie producer, but he succinctly replied: “I don’t care selling what I write. Virtue…virtue is the ultimate thing!” Good for the old man, but who among us care about virtue? Everyone wants to sell something; make some money; buy a pent house…

    There’re thousands and one Agency with invalid web addresses, I have tried dozens myself on popular “Screenplay website.” I’m stunned when people like “craktactor” flayed me for pointing to this. I have been there once, if you couldn’t find it, that’s something within the Agency and not me. I was only trying to help someone who has spent thousands of hours sending QUERIES to the never yielding Hollywood Agents, who’ll do nothing but respond with” NO UNSOLICITED SUBMISSION.”

    And my grammar, well, an average screenwriter who has spent a lifetime reading rejection would understand. I don’t need a polished grammar to tell them where to go. “DO I?” I wasn’t allowed to send links, that’s why I improvised with “at”. I felt the dumbest could understand.

    These are the agents in Agmenon if you care to know, I copied it from their website. And for craktactor, note that “AT” signifies @. Isn’t that easy enough!? Oh, I checked it out today, it seem the web is running.

    Paul Neban (Director of Developement)
    Email: pneban AT

    Julia Hashmore (Ass. Director of Developement)
    Email: jhashmore AT

    William Turner
    Email: wturner AT

    Benjamin Hartlan
    Email: bhartlan AT

    Micheal Milton
    Email: mmilton AT

    Natasha Stille
    Email: nstille AT

  8. Twyla

    Twyla Bronze Member

    Okay, I did a little investigating on this place and here's what I've found out:

    1 ) The web site is broken as hell, and the © notice is dated 2007
    2 ) What pages do work contain conflicting information
    3 ) The web site uses free web hosting and email forwarding from
    4 ) The listed physical address is either a typo or bogus (unless he's operating out of a fotomat booth)
    5 ) The listed phone number traces to a run-down 1970s apartment complex

    Um, yeah... Sorry, guy, but I think I'd be safer buying seafood from the back of a van.
  9. davidartiste

    davidartiste Silver Member

    Wow! great work Twyla!
  10. maccabeus

    maccabeus Bronze Member

    Lately, I have been quite busy working on my new screenplay.
    Twyla did a great job tracking, but I’ll like to point some interesting issues out.

    1. Agencies do run on free hosting services/ social networks. I’m not surprise when these guys run on one. Agency business is like charity—you do a lot to get little.
    2. Not all agents/ Agencies are WGA signatories, but that doesn’t indicate they’re fake.
    3. About the physical address, I can’t say. But I once have a script delivered by HSX.
    4. And interestingly, the phone, call it “NO UNSOLICITED PHONE POLICY”. Hollywood is a crazy place.:eek::eek:

    I’m out!

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