StorySkeleton - new app for planning your screenplay!

Discussion in 'Screenplay Software' started by David Sweetman, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. IAN M

    IAN M Bronze Member

    Hi David, since writing my post I have rough outlined my next screenplay and created a few plot points of my own "Bad Times, "Karma" and "Love Scene". I love this app, keep up the good work :)
  2. David Sweetman

    David Sweetman Bronze Member

    Just wanted to let you all know, version 1.1 is live in the store! 1.1 features Scrivener export, List View, font size adjustment, and a Quicktype function for typing directly into the title area!
  3. mark lawn

    mark lawn Bronze Member

    sounds great but would only work fluently with phones that have easy keyboards..i just would not personally touch type long sentences.
  4. mark lawn

    mark lawn Bronze Member

    an app to connect an audience to impro or to act out the scenes and planning stage would create less apprehension.
  5. David Sweetman

    David Sweetman Bronze Member

    The idea is actually to touch-type LESS. There are currently several apps for writing out your entire screenplay on your phone, and I think they definitely require too much typing on the iPhone. But the StorySkeleton idea its that you can do it in short bursts, by writing short sentences or quick reminders for yourself, wherever you are.

    A typical index card might only say "Darth Vader kills Obi-Wan." That's all! Just enough to trigger your mind and move you forward, to give you an impression of the big structure pieces. The title of that card would read, "Act 2: Mentor Disabled" -- and you don't have to type that part manually!

    The idea behind StorySkeleton is to structure out the BIG PICTURE, and I find that is generally really doable on a touch keyboard.

    Then when you export to Final Draft or Scrivener, you can use your full keyboard and your big monitor, and write directly on top of your StorySkeleton index cards, as fast as you can with a full-size keyboard - but with the added speed (and this is the #1 speed-adder for me) of having all your structure down, knowing where your'e going and what you want to say.

    Thanks for the feedback - I realize the touch keyboard is a barrier and am trying to design StorySkeleton to perform as efficiently as possible!
  6. mark lawn

    mark lawn Bronze Member

    what you,ve just written tempts me more than previous and i will def give it a go.I remember the actor from Taken leaving a short message on the Graham Norton show which he is now famous for.
  7. Kat

    Kat Gold Member

    Grabbed the update this morning - so far so good. Thanks
  8. IAN M

    IAN M Bronze Member

    New update is cool, thanks a lot :)
  9. David Sweetman

    David Sweetman Bronze Member

    The 1.2 Update is Live!

    This update is a compete visual overhaul, and I think it makes it much more pleasant to use the app. If you haven't seen out how StorySkeleton can help you build out the structure for your screenplay, you can check it out here:

  10. Rumour_man

    Rumour_man Bronze Member

    Looks really good David. Enjoyed the demo and think it looks like a really useful app.

    Could I take a file from Scrivener and import it into the app, so that I can rework it on the fly? - if that isn't possible, is it planned for the future?

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