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Discussion in 'Screenwriters & Screenplays' started by ed earp, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. ed earp

    ed earp Bronze Member

    Looking for skyline spec -- if anyone has it would they be so kind as to post it

    Kind Regards

    Ed Earp
  2. Phil

    Phil Administrator Staff Member

    Just a note,

    Please DON'T post it - I'm going to have to be a bit tighter about this. You can post your own work, but we can't have this place become known as a filesharer's hangout. Look what happened to that guy in New Zealand... ;)
  3. manfred von

    manfred von Gold Member

    Re: file-sharing

    phil, i'm a little dismayed by this.
    we're having this internet/copyright conversation
    in congress here in the US,
    with some global implications.
    and now,
    very frankly i'm conflicted about it.
    on one hand, the internet is the most significant information boon to mankind
    in at least a century...perhaps since gutenberg;
    on the other, as a writer and owner of work,
    i would like to control whatever revenue flows from my work.
    peer-to-peer file-sharing presents a dilemma,
    and it affects thus forum,
    directly and significantly.
    shouldn't we discuss what we may
    or may not
    post here?
    your forum/your rules...
    i just wanna know what they are.
  4. Phil

    Phil Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Manfred,

    I know. It's an argument that isn't going away soon, and Youtube, and Google themselves, are going to have to think about this long and hard.

    But have you seen this?

    That's a reductio ad absurdum, they're hardly likely to waste their time and money bringing this site down, but I do have to be aware.

    I do like this site to have democratic elements, but we can't really discuss this one can we? Should the fileshare police ever come knocking they won't be knocking on your door, it'll be me! :)

    So for the moment my line in the sand is we can link to obvious pirate uploads, but I really would rather we didn't upload them.

    That line may be redrawn pending fallout from above case!

  5. manfred von

    manfred von Gold Member

    Re: internet hobbles

    the UK will not allow
    'extradition' of one of its citizens
    on copyright charges.
    the US state department will not pursue nor condone this case.
    silly posturing by vested US interests in an election year,
    producing nothing but attempted bad blood
    between you and me, phil.
    having said that, you're exactly correct on whose door
    the revenuers would knock--yours--
    so again, your forum, your rules.
    i understand and will respect them.
    but it makes me all the more cognizant
    of my US constitutional first amendment protections,
    for which we have the scottish enlightenment to thank
    in no small measure.
    thank you for that,
    and for your measured reply.

    p.s. i believe this dialogue is worth copying
    to my senators...
    they need to be aware of international implications,
    even chilling effects,
    in this current dilemma in public fora.
  6. Phil

    Phil Administrator Staff Member

    Re The UK standing up to the USA on extradition? I hope you're right, but I'm not so sure.

    Even if you are, do you know this scandalous case? Even if you are right it clearly isn't plain sailing for those affected.
  7. craktactor

    craktactor Moderator

    This is the very reason why (when and if) I share a script (if I have it) I take it offline (through e-mail) and get a promise from the recipient NOT TO SHARE.

    The reason I do this is; the place I get my scripts (mostly new specs being floated through Hollywood / recently purchased specs, etc.) has an agreement with the studios and prodcos (and writers) to where the recipients/members of the site (mostly pros in the industry) will not share any of the products outside of the site. And they're quite adamant about that, that's why they watermark every script. And yes, the site costs money to join. And it isn't cheap. So there's that.

    Over the last couple of years the studios have gone after sites and individuals for copyright infringement (file sharing). Warners and Fox being the most persuant. The entire file sharing industry (regardless of size) is under a microscope.

    So, I don't share. Not online anyway (unless it's a script that already exists on multiple sites, ala: SimplyScripts and the like). So there's that.

    Therefore, I agree with Phil on this. It protects him as well as this site.

    BUT, if you post a link to a site like SimplyScripts or the like, then that's fine and legal. That isn't sharing the product.

    Thank you.
  8. manfred von

    manfred von Gold Member

    Re: extradition

    phil, the UK cannot afford to extradite a citizen
    on questionable, unproven civil matters;
    bad for business...
    like the olympics.
    allowing another nation to take custody of one's citizens
    is one of the oldest and most jealously guarded rights of citizenship.
    reasons for extradition are supported by treaty
    and most commonly limited to capital crimes.
    all of the lawbook thumping
    and queens counsel-barrister/assistant to the junior US attorney-general for publishing affairs screeching at each other
    neither can the US afford to light off
    a tit for tat battle of copyright laws.

    the legal international copyright landscape
    will change 20JAN13,
    as will US-UK relationships.
    but i feel your present pain
    and i will not share files here.
  9. ed earp

    ed earp Bronze Member

    Hi Phil -- Sorry about that -- i didn't realize i couldn't ask for a script to be posted

    My mistake -- i wont make the same mistake again


  10. davidartiste

    davidartiste Silver Member

    The real question is, why would you want this script? It was a terrible movie.

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