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Discussion in 'Who Works Where?' started by Camill79, Jun 19, 2008.

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    Very useful info here :)
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    First time post from me, so hi everyone. :)

    I've used all three services mentioned above before. Even used the mail to yourself method, but after some research, I found that it's not the best method to protect your work. I think the Library of Congress is the best way to go in my opinion. Yes, it's more expensive, but lifelong protection can't be beaten. I'm going to register my newest script with them before the WGA registration expires. Five years goes by to fast for me.
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    :) thanks for your information.someday i come across problems.come here.feel many people are helpful.i am not alone
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    Thanks for all your advice....I'll probably register with WGA and copyright with LOC.
  5. Giovanni

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    Not sure what everyone thinks about script vault, however here is the link below.
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    The only thing I did for mine was US copyright. A lot of people say WGA isn't necessary.
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    As an attorney, it makes me sad to read some of the responses. I.e., the screenplay in the envelope trick does NOT work. Also, don't be cheap. Copyright your work. To my knowledge, it's $35 and doesn't take a rocket scientist to do.

    Just an FYI, after reading a few legal articles online in re to registering your work on WGA, I was not surprised to learn that it offers little, if any protection. Don't be a fool. Copyright your work!
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    Here is my opinion on the subject:

    You spent so much heart and energy and time into creating something your are proud of... something you think could make you some money. Why would you choose to go either/or on protecting it? You should register it with the WGAw ($20) and Copyright it with the Library of Congress ($30). $50 is not a lot of money to protect your work.
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    Re: Protection of your work

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