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Discussion in 'Script Sales' started by shaneaabriel, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. shaneaabriel

    shaneaabriel Bronze Member

    What do you guys think about scipt optioning. I have a company that possibly wants to option my script for a year. It's a really good script and I don't know how I feel about optioning my script.
  2. LukeJames

    LukeJames Gold Member

    Umm, I would be stoked if a producer wanted to option my script?

    Are you adversed to money and glory?! ;)

    But serisouly, so long as the party interested is reputable and they are willing to pay you....
  3. HollywoodScribe

    HollywoodScribe Bronze Member

    All scripts are optioned. All of them. An outright sale is very,
    very rare and usually restricted to known writers or scripts
    repped by a top agent.

    Make sure the option fee is acceptable to you. Make sure the
    option period is acceptable to you. Make sure you get in writing
    all aspects of the option and what happens if the script is

    If you don’t option it, what is it you HOPE will happen? An
    outright sale?
  4. Rikib004

    Rikib004 Bronze Member

    I don't know much but this sounds very good, like stated above make sure you're happy with the terms and the people that are optioning it are reputable.
  5. Mytruckhercar

    Mytruckhercar Bronze Member

    I would love to have a script optioned as well.

    I have heard of several stories where it isn't really a true option. Unless you are a member of SWG, the first offer to option your script is more of an agreement without pay.

    Not sure what you expect, but going along with industry standards because you are new, is just Hollywood bullying to me.

    If they want golden scripts... they need to pay for them, even in an option. SWG requires options to be paid at $10,000 if I'm not mistaken. I wouldn't take anything less than $5000

    Good luck with your arrangements.
  6. HollywoodScribe

    HollywoodScribe Bronze Member

    What is SWG?
  7. Robby

    Robby Bronze Member

    Screenwriters Guild of America
  8. davidartiste

    davidartiste Silver Member

    It's called the WGAw or WGA. Writer's Guild of America West
  9. mango

    mango Bronze Member

    Option rate is 10% out of the actual price set for the project. Once the optioning period is over, the writer keeps the money. but if the project kicked into gear prior to the end of the optioning period, the writer gets the rest of the agreed upon price minus the 10%. The 90%. GOOD LUCK.

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