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    I got this discount code last week for an all day workshop on Screenwriting Format that sounded pretty cool:

    The class is called "Formatting Bootcamp" and it's being offered on a site called Write Your Screenplay. The code ISAFRM apparently gets you 10% off.

    I've never heard of this company until now and was wondering if anyone had any info on them? This sounds like an awesome class and I'm considering buying the online version (since apparently you don't have to watch the full 8 hours at once, but at your own pace after the class ends). But, I was wondering if anyone on here might have some info on the company before I buy it.
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    $150 for something that is widely available for free?

    Spend your money on books/classes on how to learn to write.

    Davidartiste dumped the below attachment in a while ago. It covers everything you will need to know and more.

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    Eight hours on something you can learn in ten minutes? Avoid... read and apply David's PDF, and you're done.

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