How to Write a Series Outline?

Discussion in 'Screenwriting' started by Majikat, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Majikat

    Majikat Bronze Member

    I've completed the first episode of a television script. I need also to write a series outline. I've little idea of how to write such a thing and I can't find much information on the web.

    Can somebody please explain how to write such a document. Does it go something like:

    Episode 2:
    Blah Blah

    Episode 3:
    Blah blah

  2. spinningdoc

    spinningdoc Bronze Member

    Yeah, pretty much. 2-300 words on each episode is what I do.

    You could also do a 'one sheeter', essentially a sales document describing the concept, setting, tone, etc.

    John August's website has some examples of this kind of stuff, I think.
  3. Jack

    Jack Bronze Member

    It's all in the arc.

    Each episode arcs.

    Each series arcs.

    The whole thing from series 1 to X arcs.

    Rent the box set of Sopranos, Shield, Scrubs, whatever and you'll see.
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  4. spinningdoc

    spinningdoc Bronze Member

    And characters. They all have their own stories... In their heads, they're all the star.
  5. Lon

    Lon Bronze Member

    I was never very interested in writing for TV, but not long ago I had a very basic idea for a series -- which is to say I had a hook, but no fully thought-out episodes. So what I did was imagine it was an AMC or FX show, with 13 episodes per season, and came up with three seasons worth of episode titles based on the key hook. And as I titled each episode, it allowed me to envision what each episode would be about and gave me an overall arc for each episode and season. Now I have thirty nine episodes, with titles and loglines for each episode, and arcs for each season.

    It can be as basic as that.

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