How do you procrastinate?

Discussion in 'Reading For Insomniacs' started by Kat, May 2, 2008.

  1. Angblanco

    Angblanco Bronze Member

    Lately, meaning last several months, I devote entirely too much time to many writer forums. Gotta break the habit and get more writing done.
  2. manfred von

    manfred von Gold Member

    umm hmmm--[see #9]
    List of reasons not to finish a project:
    1. Fear;
    2. Time;
    3. Ignorance;
    4. Imagination;
    5. Hung up in the underbrush;
    6. Lazy;
    7. Distracted;
    8. Uninspired;
    9. Lurking in writers’ forums;
    10. No formatting software;
    11. O/S crashed;
    12. Forgot where I put my research;
    13. What I’ve written is too short;
    14. What I’ve written is too long;
    15. I’ve lost interest;
    16. I don’t have a beginning;
    17. I don’t have a middle;
    18. I don’t have an ending;
    19. My windows need washing;
    20. I have another, more interesting project;
    21. Job;
    22. Spouse;
    23. Kids;
    24. Despair;
    25. Family doesn’t understand;
    26. Dyslexia;
    27. ADD;
    28. No one to objectively critique work;
    29. Completely hung up in the minutiae of esoterica about screenwriting.
    30. Overwhelmed by self-appraisal;
  3. Geoffrey

    Geoffrey Bronze Member

    I go check out the same posts on which were there the last time :p

    Seriously, I like to take a walk in the park with my mp3 player and a good episode of Coast to Coast AM (otherworldly talk show). I'm away from any distraction.

    To be honest, at that moment at the keyboard, I'd type what I want to get on the paper, no matter how boring it sounds.
  4. artur

    artur Bronze Member

    My problem is not that I procrastinate, but I am the type of person who has way too much going on in my life.

    I like screenwriting, piano, sim flying, personal web projects and I keep going on and off from one hobby to another.

    When my inspiration hits on the screenwriting mode, I do and think about it 100% of the time. Then suddenly I switch to piano and same thing.

    This is really annoying, but I tend to burnout from overdoing something and then I switch to another thing.
  5. ...

    ... Bronze Member

    I think that falls under number 20.
  6. artur

    artur Bronze Member

    Sure does, didn't read the list until now :)
  7. Arekusandaa

    Arekusandaa Bronze Member

    I remember something a friend of mine put together in high school. There is a black and white photograph of an academic seminar room, with a table lined with empty chairs. Underneath the caption reads: Procrastination Society.
  8. supermanorigins

    supermanorigins Bronze Member

    Usually listen to some music.

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