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    I'm very happy from joining here. My name is Michał, 24 years old and i'm from Wrocław in Poland. As you all see - im not very good with english, but don't judge me to quick. :)

    I love movies. I appreciate every little thing in them. I like to watch all "making of..." shows etc. and read about screenwriting. I like to watch all horror movies and im big fan of George Romero movies and John Carpenter.

    I want to write good horror movies in old style. I love all zombie movies and i had many, many ideas for great and innovative zombie movie. Now I'm saving for my own copy of Final Draft. Then i want to learn English beacuse i find out that writing in english, even in bad one is for me much more easier than writing in my native language. Funny thing - i cant write/speak in english but i can read and understand from hearing almost everything. I read books in english, watch movies without subtitles etc.

    So, again - hello!
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    I think you meant "don't judge me too quick." :):):):):):)

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