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  1. Jaygon

    Jaygon Bronze Member

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to track a screenwriting book that I had many years ago. I have very little information on the book so I am not too hopeful but I thought that it might be worth asking here.

    The title was 'Writing for television and screen' or something very similar. It was quite an old book that I found at the library. I would imagine it was printed no later than the 1970s. The layout of the text was not produced by any modern word processor and the pages were thick and yellow. It had a blue and white cover with the title written in large font.

    I have done done a search of the title and wonder if it was the first or second edition of Richard A Blum's book which is now in its fourth edition.

    Does anyone have a copy of these editions? Does the description sound familiar?

    Hoping somebody can help.
  2. HollywoodScribe

    HollywoodScribe Bronze Member

    The first edition of Blum's book is 1995 so if the one you are looking for was published in the '70's or '80's, that's not it. The only blue and white book I remember is The Insider's Guide to Writing for Screen and Television by Ronald Tobias but is was published in 1997 so that can't be it.
  3. Jaygon

    Jaygon Bronze Member

    Thank you for the info. Now at least I know what it is not.

    The book was formatted very differently. It almost looked like it was done on an old typewriter. The cover design was very simple, neither glossy nor fancy.

    Shame I can't remember more details. I do remember that the pages were thicker/heavier than the average book.
  4. Jaygon

    Jaygon Bronze Member

    I now know that the title was

    'Screenwriting for Television'

    Any ideas?
  5. 5ambo

    5ambo Bronze Member

    I had a google at it. Doesn't throw up any info, all though I'm sure you have tried that.

    Your local book shop or library will be better placed to help.
  6. ed earp

    ed earp Bronze Member

    This may help
  7. Jaygon

    Jaygon Bronze Member

    I finally found that book! Of COURSE I had the title all wrong (which is what made it so hard to find) but it turned out to be :

    Screenwriting for narrative film and television by William Miller.

    Here is where I still may need some help. There were various editions over the years ; one in 1980, 1988, 1991 and an edition in 1998 which removed the word 'Narrative' altogether.
    I tried to supply a link to the cover of the edition that I had but I can't include links in my messages as I have under 20 posts. I think it may be the 1980 edition. Does anybody have this book or its various editions? Was the text revised in the 1980/88/91 editions or was it just a reprint? Did the covers change? All replies appreciated.

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