Hardest Working Actor In Hollywood?

Discussion in 'Reading For Insomniacs' started by Ben, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Ben

    Ben Bronze Member

    Who is the hardest working actor in hollywood?
    And yes he does read screenplays by upcoming writers -- eg. insurance salesman, doctors, office clerks, desperate wives, city workers, starbuck "emplyees"....

    His name is Leonardo DiCaprio --

    Check out all of his future movies that will coming out soon --

    • The Many Deaths of Barnaby James (details only on IMDbPro)
    • The NeverEnding Story (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Atari (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Untitled Twilight Zone Project (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Cat's Cradle (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Farragut North (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Blink (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Cache (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Akira (details only on IMDbPro)
    • The Low Dweller (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Kite (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Untitled Timothy Leary Project (details only on IMDbPro)
    • The Chaser (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Fleming (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Nothing in the World (details only on IMDbPro)
    • The Wolf of Wall Street (details only on IMDbPro)
    • The Infiltrator (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Untitled Miki Dora Project (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Confession of Pain (details only on IMDbPro)
    • In Dark Woods (details only on IMDbPro)
    • Untitled Michael Mann Project (details only on IMDbPro)
    • The Chancellor Manuscript (2011) (announced) .... Peter Chancellor
    • The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (2011) (announced) .... Theodore Roosevelt
    • Inception (2010) (pre-production) .... Jacob Hastley
    • Beat the Reaper (2010) (pre-production) (rumored)
    • Shutter Island (2009) (post-production) .... Teddy Daniels

  2. Michael_C

    Michael_C Gold Member

    Is it Sean Penn?

    I'm just saying...

  3. Ben

    Ben Bronze Member

    Shutter Island.
    I saw the trailer first.
    I read the script second.
    I post about it first.

    Sorry Population.

    Shutter Island -- creepiness -- is mine!
  4. LukeJames

    LukeJames Gold Member

    And just what is that supposed to mean? :rolleyes:
  5. Ben

    Ben Bronze Member

    I am an island -- shutter or open bay.

    This movie belongs to me.

    I will be the first on Friday afternoon to watch this in Toronto.

    So when does it come out?
    Shit, I need a manager so I can manage him managing me.
    So much to write, watch and sleep with.
    Sad but fun.
  6. LukeJames

    LukeJames Gold Member

    Oh, wittle Benny with his popcorn and frozen coke!

    Do you sit right down the front? :p
  7. Ben

    Ben Bronze Member

    No Lukejames Lightning...

    I sit in the middle with
    a hooker.

    Have a nice evening.
  8. LukeJames

    LukeJames Gold Member


    I wonder where your popcorn rests! :p
  9. Ben

    Ben Bronze Member

    OP ONE KA NO BEE...jEDI....Lukejames

    Barry Levinsion's Diner forever.
    My fav -- once upon a time.

    Like Sharon Stone's Basic Instinct too.
    And read the script THE BEAVER.


    Will take you 2 hours to figure that one out.
  10. LukeJames

    LukeJames Gold Member

    Where did you hear OP One Kenobi?!?! ;)

    The Beaver rocks! Visionary rule-breaking screenplay! :p

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