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    Well, you asked:
    Hey there. I was happily working along in a career in medical dosimetry, the physics and dose calculation/ treatment plan design for patients needing therapeutic radiation therapy (radiation oncology). Well, I read 'Rebel without a Crew' around my 40th birthday. I quit my job, spent about $30k in equipment and started a one man show, self taught production company. Things were going quite well in the beginning as a cinematographer- well, then that pesky economic 9-11 happened. At this time I am doing traveling work in dosimetry to pay the bills and still working on personal projects, hoping to parlay my way out of medicine eventually.
    Oh, did I mention?.. almost all of the screenplays.. ok... all of the screenplays I was handed and read in hopes of finding something quality to produce at my company, stunk. They were ready for Lights, camera action in the writers mind. They were ready for the first of many rewrites in my mind.
    Oh, did I mention?.. I got the bright idea that since I have full production kit and have/can produce, shoot, direct (kind of), edit and complete a final cut of a feature film that i could
    So here I am, humbled in your castle.
    Oh, did I mention that I just turned 46 and have still not produced a feature length film I am proud of. Plenty of shorts, but seriously, what is a short?
    Oh, did I mention, my wife is actually still sticking around. Kids ran off, but they were fictional. Good riddance.
    Currently, I am finishing my first draft of a fictional narrative based on real characters from interviews I have done. Five years in the making, it sucks. But it is sucking less everyday with the help of Snyder, Akers and your site. I am ready to jump in. Hi to all and thank you.
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    Hello Greg

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