Greetings from Sweaty Tampa Florida!

Discussion in 'New Goldminers' started by karenelizabeth, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. karenelizabeth

    karenelizabeth Bronze Member

    Hi everyone,

    Firstly what I can't understand is why I didn't join up here years ago! Maybe it wasn't the right time. Who knows.

    I am English and have lived in Florida for nearly 25 years.

    Anyway, I'm lucky enough to be a freelance writer and write mostly for the internet. Over the past few years I have written three screenplays and a novel with an attached screenplay. The first two were blah but good practice, and now I am trying to focus on the third. But I have a problem with the screenplay, and that's why I'm here looking for help.

    My favorite movies are nothing like what I write: Dr, Strangelove, Oh Brother Where art Thou? Cone Heads, Wayne's World, Yellow Submarine, American Pie, and anything with Johnny Depp! I love both Beatles movies too - I grew up in Liverpool. Waking Ned Devine, anything Monty Python, Barbed Wire Fence. The movie I watch the most is probably Pulp Fiction.

    That's enough. You probably think I'm screwy already!
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  2. Letterhead

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    Greetings karenelizabeth,

    Welcome to the forum, from not-so-sweaty England!

  3. Megalophobic

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    Hi karenelizabeth!

    Boy do we have a lot in common: I'm new here and also an English expat. Migrated here about 20 years ago. Moved away from Florida to IL last year. I love Dr. Strangelove. And my middle name is Elizabeth!

    I'd love to get to know more about you and your work.

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