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Discussion in 'Goldmine Announcements' started by Phil, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Phil

    Phil Administrator Staff Member

    I set this forum up as a safe place for people of all levels to ask questions and to learn.

    I'm noticing more and more threads where people are commenting how the tone of this place is drifting towards the needlessly rude or negative, and I'm afraid I agree.

    I know all about the argument that 'the real world sucks, if you can't handle my bad manners and my abuse then you'll be eaten alive out there'.

    I don't buy that argument, and I'm certainly not interested in it playing out on here.

    This board is not the home for that kind of attitude. There are plenty of boards are that allow it, so if that's the way you enjoy your dialogue please leave and join one of them.

    From now on, please post respectfully, or not at all. If you don't agree with someone then find a polite way of expressing that.

    A touch of human kindness to those who you believe know less than you goes a very long way.

    Let me make as plain as I can: From now on those who post abusive, offensive, or personally derogatory messages inside this forum will have their accounts terminated directly with no warning. That includes PMs.

    Thank you.

  2. Kat

    Kat Gold Member

    Thank you Phil!
  3. www9370

    www9370 Bronze Member

    good move Phil and I totally agree with, even though to be honest lately I have bought into that kind of negative constructionism. thanks for putting us back on track.

    So let us discuss, rather than disgust each other from now on, and keep it to filmmaking and screenwriting. I can sign off on that.

  4. Australis

    Australis Bronze Member

    I concur. Probably a good idea. Be realistic but not unnecessarily harsh.
  5. thewriter

    thewriter Bronze Member

    its a wonderful site, a great site, exceptional site

    i dont think you should be judged on spelling or grammer but creativity

    and the way if you are going to judge say it nicely.

    its a wonderful site

    you have a good site phil, you maybe you have done this restrictions because of my recent argument.

    you dont need to.

    If someone is a writer but not good at grammer all that should be asked is address it nicely.

    not pick on someone with there writing grammer.

  6. Paula

    Paula Gold Member

    Thank you Phil, I couldn't agree more....
  7. hbcali

    hbcali Bronze Member

    Thanks Phil. I've left this site on numerous occasions because of this issue. Hopefully, things will have changed now that I'm here again.

    I agree with you fully. You're the man!
  8. gkennedy

    gkennedy Bronze Member

    (knocking on wood) I have had only good experiences so far on this site and find it very useful.
  9. emmasims

    emmasims Bronze Member

    I absolutely concur with Phil. I think the whole point about using this site is for talking to people with the same outlook - to try and gain 'knowl
    edge' from other fellows and perhaps useful contacts. It's a brilliant site; come on let's use it properly and professionally, really, isn't that what we all want. Life is tough for us 'media types' so what is new....... Half the grief is the grift... and the ultimate success. That's what drives us. Complacency is not our friend...

    ' a day's work, is a day's work, neither more nor less, and a man who does it needs a day's sustenance, a night's repose and due leisure, whether he be a painter or a ploughman'.

    Have a glass of wine on me!!!!


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