Final Draft 8 / Final Draft Writer different pagecount

Discussion in 'Screenplay Software' started by moush, May 21, 2013.

  1. moush

    moush Bronze Member

    I have been facing a peculiar problem with Final Draft 8 and the Final Draft Writer app. I get a different page count on each. Right now, there's a difference of 5 pages. The desktop version is 5 pages shorter.

    I checked the script with the Final Draft Reader app too, and the pagecount matches with the Final Draft Writer.

    Has anyone faced this before? And are there any solutions to it?
  2. Ares

    Ares Bronze Member

    Probably one version is set to different paper size and that causes the difference.
    Maybe you bought one device from a country when a different paper size is the default? Check your device regional setting, if it has any.

    I have not find any way to change paper type in Final Draft so far, but scripts written in either A4 or Letter will be accepted, do not worry.

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