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  1. Nguyen

    Nguyen Guest

    What esstential screenwriting books do you folks reccommend for teaching and refrence to writing a great screenplay with all the elements needed (characters, subplots, backstory, story sturcture, etc) ?

    So far I only have 'The screenwriting Bible' and 'Screenwriting for Dummies'. I feel these books are too general and was thinking of looking for books that specify in one general area of writing, such as characters or story strucutre, and is for someone who is no longer a begginer.

  2. KarenMBryson

    KarenMBryson Gold Member

    I recently read Rewrite by Paul Chitlik and found it useful. Romancing the A List by Christopher Keane is excellent. I learned a lot from both books!
  3. tdbcd

    tdbcd Bronze Member

    I am also a fan of the "Screenwriters Bible". My personal favorite is "Making a Good Script Great" by Linda Seger. Very straightforward and easy to follow, yet very insightful.
  4. craktactor

    craktactor Moderator

    "Screenwriting Goldmine" by Phil Gladwin & "Stealing Fire from the Gods" by James Bonnet.
  5. JohnB.

    JohnB. Gold Member

    Screenwriting Goldmine as crak suggested.

    Jeff Kitchen's - writing a great movie

    John Truby - 22 steps
  6. Kiwi

    Kiwi Guest

    Re: Essential Screenwriting Books

    I second "Writing a great movie".
    I really like Screenwriting for Dummies, too - it's got some tips for dialogue (treating it like poetry) that I haven't seen anywhere else, but which make good sense.
    After a while (like recipe books) I started buying books on specific elements, as they can go into their theme more in-depth. Dialogue book, character/viewpoint book, etc.
    I want Phil's book but will have to wait - but everyone here seems to recommend it highly, so if I had the option I would certainly give that a go! Looking at Phil's posts in the forum, you can tell he knows his stuff and is easy to read.
  7. leedx7

    leedx7 Gold Member

    I found Goldmine to be more accessible than the other books I have read in the past and he is refreshingly unpretentious.

    McKee's Story is a must also.

  8. Sal

    Sal Gold Member

    I've read dozens and I must say, Phil's is easily the most readable and concise. Still doesn't make this writing business any easier, but it makes a lot of sense.
  9. Michael_C

    Michael_C Gold Member

    The books I live by are...

    Story by McKee (as mentioned)
    Rewrite by Chitlik (as mentioned)
    ANYTHING by Linda Seger (and I do mean anything - I've read a few of her books more than 4 or 5 times over)

    and recently I discovered another winner...

    Emotional Structure: Creating the Story Beneath the Plot by Peter Dunne
    Very awesome! And also pretty cheap.

  10. JohnB.

    JohnB. Gold Member

    I've heard good things about Linda Seger. Which book would you recommend first?

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