dialogue between 3 people at once?

Discussion in 'Basics' started by Jon, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Jon

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    These 3 people are sitting face-to-face around a kitchen table in a discussion. As the discussion progresses, the characters will be addressing each other individually and together as a group.
    I'm struggling with the format. How should it look on the page?

    PERSON #1
    blah blah blah

    PERSON #2
    response to person #1

    PERSON #3
    yadda yadda voice of reason stuff, chastising the two of them.

    ???? is it, more or less, as simple as that? Or do I need to include WHO each character is addressing EACH time they talk? And if that's the case, could someone please show me a quick example?

    Thanks in advance? :D
  2. davidartiste

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    exactly like that except you use parantheticals if you want to indicate who is talking to whom. for example:

    Bob, Betty and Jon are sitting at a table, in a greasy spoon, pissed at the days events.


    (to Jon)
    I think she's talking to you.

    (to Bob)
    Yeah? Then why is she pointing her butter knife at you?

    (to Betty)
    Calm down, tiger. It was just a few miles.

    Did you not notice that its snowing outside, and
    oh yeah, I have no shoes!
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    Check out this scene from 'Five Easy Pieces'... it may prove to be helpful.

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  4. Jon

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    Awesome! Thank you both very much for the input and help. Very, very much appreciated (and speedy response as well!).

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