Creating The "em dash" in Final Draft

Discussion in 'Screenplay Software' started by davidartiste, May 18, 2011.

  1. davidartiste

    davidartiste Silver Member

    Hey kiddies,

    I just discovered how to create an em dash(—) in Final Draft rather than having to use two en dashes (--) next to each other., which I find to be visually vulgar (don't ask). The good news is that it works like a charm. The Bad news is that you will need to do this for each individual script, as FD will only save it for the script you are working on.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Open up a script on FD.

    2. Under "Document" click "Macros". A window should pop up.

    3. Under the scrolldown menu (which says INT, EXT, NIGHT< DAY etc etc) click the "new" button.

    4. In the "Name" field Type in "EM DASH"

    5. Copy This: — and paste it into the "Macro Text" field. It will appear as a vertical line in the field for some reason. don't worry about that.

    6. In the "Alias" field type two en dashes, like so: --

    7. Click "Ok"

    Now anytime you type -- it will look like —. Happiness! :D
  2. davidartiste

    davidartiste Silver Member

    Oh, and let me know if you have any questions.
  3. IAN M

    IAN M Bronze Member

    or you could just press shift option hyphen if you're on mac. :D

  4. Lon

    Lon Bronze Member

    I've grown so accustomed to seeing the double dash in FD that the single just doesn't look right, even though I know it is. :p

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