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Discussion in 'Screenwriting' started by cambanese, Apr 26, 2012.

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    I'm having an issue and I don't the proper way to go about it or even if there is a proper way. I'm introducing a new character in the action portion, but he doesn't speak yet. Am I suppose to go ahead and put his name in and description or wait until he actually speaks to add the details in? The new character becomes a significant part of the story from that point on. It's honestly kind of confusing to me. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you and God bless ^_^
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    Yes. And name capitalized.

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    What Craktactor said.

    So for an example of a scene where he enters the film but does not talk could be:

    DAVE, a heavy set man in his late thirties, enters and sips his coffee in the corner while watching over the poker game.

    Mike looks around and notices him, then quickly turns in his hand, stands and exits through the far side door.

    Dave follows him out.

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