CeltX or Final Draft?

Discussion in 'Screenplay Software' started by MissyPen, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. MissyPen

    MissyPen Guest

    Can someone compare these programs for me? It is worth it to buy Final Draft to replace CeltX and why/why not?

    Thanks a bunch! :)
  2. trucefilms

    trucefilms Bronze Member

    Personally, I like the simplicity of Final Draft, Celtx seemed to convoluted and easy to get lost in.. or maybe I just didn't know how to use it!
  3. Kat

    Kat Gold Member

    Why not download the demo of Final Draft and check it out. Do the same with the demo of Movie Magic Screenwriter. There's also Movie Outline (more Celtx like). Find the one that suits you best - what works for one doesn't necessarily seem intuitive and productive to the next person.

    Me, I use Movie Magic (and Sophocles) and Final Draft doesn't seem as intuitive to the way I work. But that's just me.

  4. Population17

    Population17 Bronze Member

    CeltX is free...

    Final Draft is not...

    It was a pretty simple choice for me.
  5. caseyhein

    caseyhein Silver Member

    Celtx is free but I had a really bad experience on my last script. All of my files that were saved under the celtx program erased when the program froze. I lost everything and had to start over on that script.

    The major question you need to ask yourself is, "Am I serious about being a screenwriter, or is this a phase?" Screenwriting is not for everyone, it's frustratingly hard and time consuming. If writing is something that you are very serious about, step up and spend the money.

    Its very worth the buy.
  6. Population17

    Population17 Bronze Member

    I agree and I will once I'm to a level of screenwriting that I'm happy with. I don't plan on submitting any written/produced in CeltX but for now, it works fine for my skill level. :)

  7. Blofeld's Cat

    Blofeld's Cat Bronze Member

    100% disagree. There is nothing amateurish about Celtx.

    I DO agree that if you're serious you will pay out for things that need paying for: books, memberships, unions, software, advertising etc and won't expect pirate copies or 3rd hand info. But Celtx is free so the above doesn't apply.

    If Celtx was free and pretty pants, fair enough, but Celtx is very deep and the story board and character pages are awesome. It's also easier to use than FD.

    I AM using FD7 now but only for 2 reasons. I was bought it for Christmas, and I was interested and curious about the industry standard. I'd have no qualms about using Celtx (it also fits more characters per line so scripts are shorter!)
  8. caseyhein

    caseyhein Silver Member

    I didn't say or mean to imply that celtx was amateurish. I had a bad experience and while researching how to fix my bad experience I found a bunch of accounts of the same bad experience happening to many people.
    So because of that and the fact that FD is the industry standard. That's why I said if you are serious step up and spend the money.
  9. wks2001

    wks2001 Bronze Member

    Hell, just write it longhand... and forget about it.. for at least two weeks...
  10. kinnygraham

    kinnygraham Bronze Member

    I've had very limited exposure to Final Draft, but use CeltX (primarily for financial reasons).

    Both of them will lay out your script in a professional format. From what I have seen, Final Draft has all sorts of added extras that CeltX does not.

    E.g. FD comes 'pre-packaged' with example/template scripts for several, if not scores, of popular TV shows from primarily the U.S. but also the U.K. Useful if you want to see how these sorts of things are laid out.

    I understand - perhaps someone can confirm ? - that FD also has all sorts of filters that means you can concentrate on specific aspects of your script. E.g. like being able just to lay out all your 'action' to polish that up - or dialogue only, to concentrate on that - or individual characters.

    That said I am very happy with what CeltX does for now. For a free programme it's very. very good. I also avail of the CeltX Studio which is 'peace of mind' for backing up my work online and useful as a collaborative tool. I'm not sure if Final Draft has a similar facility (it probably has) but like I say I'm perfectly happy with CeltX for now.

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