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35 British Production Companies And Agencies Seeking Scripts From New Writers

Connect 2019

Once again, in May this year we called all the production companies and relevant literary agencies we could find in the UK.

This took several weeks and nearly 400 telephone calls.

We asked each of the companies just one question:

"Do you read unsolicited scripts? Tell us how that works."

As you'd expect if you've been around the business for a while, most people said no, they don't have time to read unsolicited scripts.

The good news is we found a small but significant segment of people at the heart of the industry, right here in the UK, who said they want to read new work from new writers!

They are all listed, along with their contact details and instructions on how to submit your work, in this third edition of 'Connect!'.

Channel Controller

New for 2019-20

It's all updated and fact-checked again. This information is current!

This year we have a total of 35 production companies and agencies who want to speak to new writers, but many of the names on the list have changed from the previous two years.

In this 3rd edition we have removed two agencies, and two production companies whose doors are now closed, and added three agencies and seven new production companies who now want to find new writers.

The long section of production companies who said they were happy to read unsolicited scripts from agented writers is now 80 strong - c.20 more than last year.

(This last section helps those of you who do have agents but want to start taking action of your own.)

The nitty gritty

The booklet is 80 pages long this time, nicely laid out and printed, and includes summary details and contact info.

There is space by each entry for your notes so that you can keep track of all your submissions.

All of the companies and agencies included are significant players in the British TV industry - you can be sure you are not wasting your time by approaching them.

A5 sized, very neat, Connect! is a great addition to your toolkit if you're getting ready to send your script out.

What people say

Connect! is NOT a magic bullet - you still need to send in a great script and do it in the right way to get a response - but just to show you that some people are getting results, here's an email I received from a very happy writer who used the information in Connect!:

"Screenwriting Goldmine provided me with the connection to production companies looking for new talent. Philip's recommendations for how to approach them and pitch were invaluable and TWO days later I heard from a script editor!" ~ Gabrielle Malcolm


And remember, you're only one meeting away...

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