2014 Grand Prize Winner Interview – Stuart Nicholson

Stuart Nicholson talks about writing life since winning the 2014 competition.

Career Update – Susan Everett

Career Update - Susan Everett

Stuart Nicholson talks about writing life since being in the top five of the first competition.

Interview – Paul Roundell, writer of “Bait”

Interview - Paul Roundell, writer of "Bait"

[Interview by Sally Brockway for Screenwriting Goldmine] Paul Roundell has been writing for the ITV soap Emmerdale for nine years and has just written his first feature film – Bait, billed as a ‘female revenge thriller.’ The film, which stars Victoria Smurfit, was directed by Emmerdale actor

2014 Finalist Interview – Janet Williams

[Interview by Sally Brockway] Congratulations! I read your script last night and it’s great! It’s been four years in the making, on and off. We’re up to fourteen drafts now. How did you find the idea? And how did you two come come together? It’s based on

2014 Finalist Interview – Aldo Paternostro

Aldo Paternostro talks about his success in the 2014 contest.

2014 Finalist Interview – Hugh Brune

[Interview by Sally Brockway] You must be thrilled. It’s very exciting, yes. Tell me a bit about your writing history. I had a couple of novels published in the early 2000’s and my first screenplay was based on one of those because there was a film company

2014 Finalist Interview – Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan talks about his double success in the contest.

2013 Runner-up Interview – Amanda Duke

Amanda Duke, runner up in the 2013 contest, explains how she went about dramatising a true story and how the script got better the more the real story got worse.

2013 Runner-up Interview – Katie Wimpenny

Katie Wimpenny, runner-up in the 2013 contest, describes how her script started off in a caravan in the mud in Yorkshire, how being an actor helps her find the voices for her character, and how working in the theatre will help you improve your screenwriting CV.

2013 Grand Prize Winner Interview – Jane Eden

Read this fascinating, informal, and in-depth interview with Jane Eden, our Grand Prize Winner in 2013.