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Once you're confident in your craft, the next stage is getting your ideas out there - getting them in front of people who can put you on the path to a career in screenwriting. 

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'Open Door' is our new monthly newsletter. Its goal is to help you understand the British industry and find your place within it.

Open Door is packed with articles on career strategy. We also run interviews with industry figures, and industry news that is relevant to screenwriters, including recent greenlights, plus profiles of production companies.

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If you’ve got a screenplay that you’re ready to take into the industry, "The Fearless Pitcher" will help you sell it.

It’s based on first hand experience, and gives you both clear instructions on how to create powerful pitches, and help with building confidence. It also includes pitching tips and stories from commissioned screenwriters.

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Some awards bring you prestige or prize money. But not many put your work in front of 35 influential industry figures. We do, because we want to give you more than great prizes – we want to start your career.

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If your screenplay still needs a little polish, we can help you develop your craft. In particular, our video course will help you perfect your draft – this simple, step-by-step course is popular with new and experienced writers alike.

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