About us

When a screenwriter puts pen to paper, magic happens: universes emerge, great lives are lived, epic loves are lost. 

We want more people to release their creative magic through screenwriting. Through our advice, training and awards, we’ll help you develop your craft. And when you’re ready, we’ll show you that it’s possible to turn your craft into a career.

We believe stories can change our world

Stories told through film and TV are special. They reach us in a way that’s immediate, vivid and totally transforming. The best ones help us to understand the world a little differently, a little better.

There are lots of thoughtful, perceptive people out there – people who desperately want to tell stories through screenwriting. But too many of them can’t yet do it because they don't have the skills.

We need help to tell our stories

Some people struggle to find fresh ideas. Others have fantastic ideas, but not the confidence or craft to get them onto the page.

Even those writing great screenplays can find it difficult to make their stories heard. Agents are swamped with scripts, and have very little time to search for new talent. And there are loads of people out there offering conflicting advice about what to do.

Having been in the industry for decades, we understand all this. And we’re here to help.

We’re here to help you fly

We’re a resource for television screenwriters in the UK. We want to help you leap into new creative worlds – and maybe even a new career.


If you are looking for information on how to write a screenplay, look at our advice and training.

We show you the shape of a good story and the drivers behind a compelling character. We have a proven system for writing a great first draft.

Our training will help you understand the difference between a story that leaves people unmoved and one that will shake the reader to their core.


If you need information on how to sell a screenplay, our monthly Open Door newsletter shows you how the industry works, so that you can finally see how scriptwriters get hired.

Our Fearless Pitcher will help you sell your script.

And then our screenwriting competition can put you in reach of esteemed and influential industry judges, people who could put you on the path to your life as a screenwriter. 

Having success as a screenwriter might feel like a distant dream, but we know it’s possible for the most promising writers to make a good living from screenwriting.

We can help you fulfill your potential

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