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When screenwriters write, magic happens: great joys are found, great loves are lost, and we all understand life a little better.

We want more UK screenwriters to get going as professionals. We’ll help you develop your craft – and build a career in screenwriting.

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Loads of people out there offer advice about screenwriting. We're different. We are a collection of experienced professionals.

Our founder has written or script-edited over 70 episodes of TV drama, and has been paid to develop many more, but all our contributors have extensive drama production experience. We really know how the industry works.

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If you’re just starting out as a writer, we’ll help you create great screenplays.

We’ll show you the difference between writing a competent story, and one that shakes your reader to the core.

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We know that it’s not easy trying to break into the screenwriting industry. 

But we do know that it’s possible, and that new writers get hired every day. We'll show you how it happens. 

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