We believe stories can change our world


Who are "Goldminers"?

We are smart screenwriters.

We are anyone who loves to write TV drama, and who is passionate about making a living by their writing.

We work to the best of our ability.

We have a high level of craft and we get our scripts out the door.

(We never sit on a script once it's finished.)

We don't bother with pitchfests or any other circus-style event.

We work to connect directly one-on-one with the people who can hire us.

We know that, most of the time, our problems selling our work come from not understanding the industry, so we work hard to gain understanding of how the TV industry really operates.

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Our entire focus at Screenwriting Goldmine is to connect writers with the people who can hire them, and truly open doors to the best of our ability.

We know you've got, or you’re getting, the writing handled, and we leave that to you and the many resources out there.

We throw everything we can into teaching screenwriters how to get hired.

The people we bring in to work with new writers are influential, always currently active in the British TV industry, and keen to help build new writers.

Not everyone is ready for this—but if you are then we can help you.

Are you a Goldminer?

Goldminers are past the early stages.

Everyone starts somewhere, and we fully respect that, but it’s a long path to selling a script.

We can help the people most who have a good grasp of the basics.

To get the most out of what we will be offering, you will know what a script looks like.

You’ll know enough about story structure and dialogue to be writing scripts that feel like scripts.

For example, if you’re not sure whether you want to write a novel, a poem, a film or a TV script, or if you aren’t sure how a script looks on the page, then we are probably not right for you just yet.

You have finished one, two—or more—screenplays, and you will have a visceral hunger to write more.

You will know what it feels like to understand your life and make sense of your unique experience through writing.

You will want a real career, in which you write to get paid, regularly and often—even to the point of making your living from it.

Most of all, you believe you can do it, and you are prepared to work harder at this than anything else in your life.

Is this you?

Welcome Goldminer if so!

We can help you fulfill your potential - so let's get going...


Phil Gladwin



Phil Gladwin