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Discussion in 'Screenwriting Matters' started by Phil, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. R-Rambo

    R-Rambo Bronze Member

    that eyes look similar.

    from a movie called assassins
    a logo from there.
  2. Paula

    Paula Gold Member

    No.... I think latching onto a pun that some-one else has started might just be the lowest form..... so that would be me...:)

    It's Ok though MF V - I'll slap myself before you have to ask me to!
    *Slap* Ouch!
  3. manfred von

    manfred von Gold Member

    ...ahhh paula m'lass, you clever little aussie devil, you beat me to the...ummm...slap.
    this may be the beginning of intercontinental punic war.
    almost sorry i let myself type that.
    but, there it is, old girl.

    phoenix today--ashes to ashes, earth to martian dust.
  4. Paula

    Paula Gold Member

    ...Bring it on....
    um....aero engineer! :)

    [QUOTEManfred Von]but, there it is, old girl.[/QUOTE]
    Hey not so much of the Old girl......!!!

    Andfor that - I return your slap -
    *SLAP* - Ouch!


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