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Discussion in 'Basics' started by MClarke, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. MClarke

    MClarke Guest

    Couldn't find anything specifically about this in the backlogs of the forum.

    How would I go about formatting a scene (well, a title sequence) in fast motion?

    The trunk of a Jeep is opened, someone loads a set of drums into it, then it closes again, then it opens and someone sets a guitar and amp into it, then it closes again, etc. until it is full of instruments. This is all sped up, so the people loading the instruments in are blurs. All you see is that the collection of equipment inside is building over time.

    Hope you guys can comprehend this/help me. Thanks.
  2. Do it as scene description.

    In fast-forward, blurry hands stow a guitar case. A drum kit. Amplifiers.

    More importantly, I'd ask whether it's crucial that it be in fast-forward, and why you're specifying a title sequence in (presumably) a spec? If you are writing for yourself, of course, please ignore and write what you intend to film. Otherwise, you're treading on the director's toes a little by specifying shots and title sequences. And doing it right away! That's an easy way to turn people off your script before they even get into it. Let the director, cinematographer, actors, and editors do their own jobs. Just tell the story. :)
  3. leedx7

    leedx7 Gold Member

    Good advice there.

    As an alternative maybe "imply" your choice with some vertical writing.


    Empty. Then...

    A guitar case.
    A drum kit.

    Just an idea.
  4. MClarke

    MClarke Guest

    Thanks for the advice, guys. Simpler than I thought.

    I am writing it for myself. But for future reference...where could I find rules on how a spec script differs from a shooting script? Somewhere on the forum?
  5. mr wendal

    mr wendal Bronze Member

    Another way beacuase there are more ways to Rome.


    An emty trunk of a jeep.


    Instuments and equipment fill the trunk.


    The trunk closes.

    Impress a producer by using a words only used in screenwriting.

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