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Script Collaborator Wanted

Discussion in 'Social Network' started by Ebernard1, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Ebernard1

    Ebernard1 Bronze Member


    I am looking for a writing partner to embark on a journey to create 5 features in the next 6 months. I have some really high concept stories and very commercial stories that will undoubtedly be a fun to write.

    I work pretty fast and I would like someone that has thick skin and accepts if something is not working and has the nads to tell me if something is not working.

    If interested please send me a sample of your work.

  2. spinningdoc

    spinningdoc Bronze Member

    How much would you be paying for this service?
  3. Ebernard1

    Ebernard1 Bronze Member

    50% of everything we sell. And I will pay for the editing services once our projects are complete.
  4. HollywoodScribe

    HollywoodScribe Bronze Member

    There are several writers looking for collaborators here on Screenwriting goldmine. Have you contacted any of them?
  5. Ebernard1

    Ebernard1 Bronze Member

    No. I have not got any responses. I meet alot of writers with great ideas but no follow through. One thing I can promise is follow through.
  6. HollywoodScribe

    HollywoodScribe Bronze Member

  7. cdubbs21

    cdubbs21 Bronze Member

    Hey Erik I saw you respond to my other post, shoot me an email cpwatts21 AT yahoo.com and maybe we can work on something together.

  8. islandwritter13

    islandwritter13 Bronze Member

    Hi, I am interested in starting a writing team I have 5 projects in the works and many many concepts pending.

    Right now I am working on a script for an agent, I have completed a spec script for the Transporter franchise and I am working on a few other projects.

    Recently I thought to my self this would be better if I got a team together and we collaborate on our projects and that's how I came across this website.

    I am very serious about this and I need to put this out there before I work with anyone we need to draw up a contract agreement.

    When I said that in my initial post many persons had a problem with it but the fact is I know this team is going to be successful and a contract needs to be drawn up.

    If interested PM me
  9. QualityHD

    QualityHD Bronze Member

    Hi Erik

    I am also a screenwriter with interest in collaborating with you just pm me
  10. Skyler Scarlett

    Skyler Scarlett Bronze Member

    I'm looking for a script writing partner. I am 22 years old and have already finished two scripts and working on my third. I work incredibly fast, when I have an idea I go with it. I finished both scripts in under 5 days. If you're interested you can email me at skyhigh212121 at yahoo.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2013

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