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Blood: The Last Vampire. Stunning!!!

Discussion in 'Movie Chat' started by Ben, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Ben

    Ben Bronze Member

  2. Paula

    Paula Gold Member

    HI Ben
    I was a bit confused... at first - I watched the animated version & thought mmmmmm ok a bit odd and I wouldn't bother watching it.

    I'm assuming that there is an animated tv show & they made it into a movie? Is that right?

    I watched the Movie trailer & liked it much more, so would probably go see this movie!
  3. tresjolie

    tresjolie Guest

    I'm actually a big fan of the anime. It's also got a huge cult following, so it should be a success.

    I wish they'd shown a bit more about how they plan on rendering the monsters - the anime's pretty graphic.

    Thanks for the link Ben!
  4. leedx7

    leedx7 Gold Member

    Am I alone in thinking that looked utter pants?

    I hope not.

    Wesley Snipes will be spinning in DTV (is it DTDVD now?) hell.....


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