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Blade Runner, UMMMM

Discussion in 'Movie Chat' started by Architectus, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. leedx7

    leedx7 Gold Member

    And here is where you lost me. :)

    Pedantic point, Bladerunner was made in the 80's.

    I know Ford felt it was a detective story with no detecting, and it definately falls fouls of Scott's love of a good visual but Batty is one of the greatest all-time movie antagonists.


    I still shiver with near vomit when I see the end of Schindler's List and Oskars crappy tearful breakdown. I preferred the actual ending - he buggered off with a car full of gold bars, which the Swiss nicked on the border. :D
  2. Michael87

    Michael87 Bronze Member

    I watched Blade Runner for the first time about three weeks ago (I'm 25) and I too, felt slightly let down by it. Only slightly, though.

    I think I was let down not just by the moive but also due to the fact that this flick has tons of hype surrounding it. I put it on expecting to be blown away by what I was about to see. By the time it finished and I wasn't totally mindblown by it, I felt as if after all these years, I hadn't exactly missed out on anything by not seeing it.

    I understand it had knockout effects and visuals for it's day etc... It just wasn't as great as people make out.

    Probably a 7/10 from me!
  3. spinningdoc

    spinningdoc Bronze Member

    It was also one of the first films to do the whole SF noir thing, which has since become more or or less a cliche. At the time though, it was fresh and new.
  4. youdothatvoodoo

    youdothatvoodoo Bronze Member

    Monsters a horror/thriller???? It's a love story and political allegory, at least the way I remember it...


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