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Why Do You Want To Be A Screenwriter?


My question of the week…

‘Why do you want to be a screenwriter?’


Please add your comments in the Reply box down below this post. Put your name there or keep it anonymous, I don’t mind – I’m just very curious.

New Goldmine Training Plans

The seminars I run with Philip Shelley are going very well. The next one is in July when the special guest is Bradley Quirk, from Pathe, who will be talking about how to open a few doors into the British Film industry.

If you’re interested in finding out what they’re like we’ve posted some interesting videos from screenwriters on the last course or you can book here.

But of course these weekends are always in London. We do get a lot of writers flying in to take them (in the past we’ve had several writers from the USA, some from France, Jersey, Belgium, and Hungary) but there are quite a few people out there across the world for whom it’s impractical to attend.

With this in mind I’m thinking about setting up one or two online courses to be run on this website.

I’m going to link up with two very experienced writers, one of whom is a specialist in TV, one in movies, and we have been looking at how they might deliver online courses through an online forum.

Of course these online training workshops would be open to people from all over the world.

We’re thinking that each course might run for something like six to ten weeks, during which you’d have access to a members area on the forum in which they would give instruction, run weekly seminars and webinars, and generally steer you through the writing of your own projects.

If you think that’s something you might be interested in then either comment below or write back to me at and tell me what you’d like to see in either of these courses.

  1. I wanted to be a writer because….I dont know anything else :)
    I wanted to be a writer because….Its the most challening job I ever know
    I wanted to be a writer because…It gives me immense emotional satishfaction.

    I wanted to be a write because…that helps me escape the Most boring world I encounter everyday

    I wanted to be a write because……I wanted to be around emotionally active and entertaining people which I would do with my writing.

    I wanted to be writer because …..that gives me previlige to cut the crap out of life and retain few exciting moments of life atleast in my own world.

  2. I want to be a writer because …. I suck at everything else and keen to add this to my list.

    I want to be a writer becasue …. three weeks ago I couldn’t spell and now I is one.

    I want to be a writer because …. it’s cheaper then therapy.

    I want to be a writer because …. spent years staring out windows day dreaming and now I want to get paid for it

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