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Scripts Wanted!

Here are a quick round up of some Scripts/Films Wanted Opportunities.

There’s some amazing doors opening here, so do take a look.


The BBC have announced another scheme. They’re offering £10,000 prizes, for writers living in Wales.

In case you’ve ever doubted the value of the Writersroom, you might be interested to know that Ben Stephenson, head of Drama at the BBC, announced a set of brand new commissions this week.

One of which, a three part drama on BBC3, is a post zombie apocalypse story that was originally found by ‘Northern Voices’, a BBC Writersroom Competition.

Here’s the link for the Call For Writers:


The British Film Institute have announced they are creating a new initiative to help filmmakers aged 16-19.

It’s not open yet, but if it applies to you then make sure you become a regular visitor to the BFI site as as it’s going to get going very soon.

Here’s the BFI site:

And here’s a news article on the announcement:


Coming Up is currently the only talent scheme in the UK where emerging filmmakers have the opportunity to make an authored drama with a guaranteed network broadcast.

They say they want ‘bold, original and surprising ideas with strong voices – unafraid of ambition, wit, urgency and fearless entertainment. Films that can be shot in four days on a limited budget.’

It’s open to writers who have not had an original single, series or serial broadcast on UK television. (Writers who have contributed episodes or series and serials (eg a long-running soap) are eligible to apply.)


This is a great place to pitch ideas (in or out of the official pitching competition). It’s great fun. And there are lots of film and TV bods there.

They have various calls for entries on their site:


This is a contest open to writer, director and producer teams who can already demonstrate a strong body of work. 3 films will be produced on a budget of £350,000 from a slate of 16 developed projects. They say they are looking for ‘films that can capture a sense of place, and even time. Tales of the way we live and the world we live in that will challenge, move and entertain audiences across the world.’

The deadline is noon on 8th May so if you’re interested in this you need to hurry.


Kino Shorts is a Manchester based Short Film night that promotes the work of emerging filmmakers essentially from the North West. Their aim is to give the audience a chance to see films they would not see anywhere else. They say they are the longest running short film night in Manchester and the North West – they’ve certainly been going for over fifteeen years.

The organiser, John Wojowski, has a very long involvement with cinema – he used to run the legendary Aaben Cinema in Hulme in the 1980s, so his commitment is total!

They next meet in central Manchester this Wed May 9th, so if you’ve got a short film you want to show, or you want to see what’s going on, you should make definitely contact:


David Early, a friend of the Goldmine, posted a short film he’d directed up on Facebook for the Sci-Fi-London 48 hour Film Challenge.

It’s pretty good – especially when you consider the whole thing was made in just 48 hours from start to finish, on a budget of practically zero!

It’s attracted quite a lot of praise already, and I’m sure it will lead to good things for David.

It just goes to show what you can achieve with a little bit of effort, creativity, determination, luck, a few favours, and the ability to function on very little sleep for a weekend.

The challenge has closed now until next year, but it’s one worth bookmarking:


Screen Yorkshire has announced a new £15 million fund to invest in creative content within film, TV, games and the digital sector within Yorkshire and Humberside. The Yorkshire Content Fund has secured £7,500,000 of investment from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which will be further matched by private sector investors on a project-by-project basis.


And finally, a reminder of our very own powerful (and international!) career starter.

We’re looking for great original screenplays, 45-125 pages in any genre, from new writers from all over the world.

We’re offering some great prizes, including cash, Final Draft software, Raindance workshops, and best of all, genuine script meetings with some of the eight world class judges.

It’s just over a month now till the early bird discount closes, and the fees are very reasonable, so why not improve your chances by making your first entry today and getting to work on a second entry? (If this sounds a surprising idea, it’s not – we’ve had several multiple entries so far. In fact one industrious American writer has already entered five scripts.)

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  2. HI I have a question if I want my sizzling novel of love and treachery a world that is secret from the humans. Until an unknown race that is at war begins to change everything now they all must all fight together to save the world from annihilation. Put into a motion picture or even an anime how does somebody like me approach them.
    Thank you for your time.

  3. Dear Sirs you read my manuscript and said it was a good thumping story. Since then I have been published and being sold in Waterstones. Jen of Northern Media says it would make a good feature film/television series. If you are interested i will get the publishers to send you a book or I can send you my manuscript of story. It is a historical/romantic/drama spread over thirty years. I await your reply.
    Henry Nixon aka The Jew From Lodz

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