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We’re in the very last week of the 2013 Screenwriting Goldmine Contest.

Entries close completely next Thursday 9th May at 1.00pm London time.

As well as the prizes of cash, general screenwriting software abundance, the many commemorative items, and the complete and eternal glory that blazes out for the winner, each of the finalist scripts will be read by:

  • Paul Ashton (Development Producer, BBC Writersroom)
  • Adrian Banyard, (Development Producer, STV)
  • Matthew Bates (Literary Agent, Sayle Screen, London)
  • Elliot Grove (Founder and Head of the Raindance Film Festival)
  • Johann Knobel (Producer, Company Pictures)
  • Kirstie MacDonald (Script Executive, World Productions)
  • Steve Matthews (Producer, Octagon Films)
  • Julie Press (Literary Agent, Macfarlane Chard Associates, London)
  • Fraser Robinson (VP, Scripted ITV Studios Global Entertainment)
  • Ben Stoll, Script Development, C4)
  • Julia Tyrrell (Literary Agent, Julia Tyrrell Management, London).

Six days left to finish that script. Six days to kickstart your writing career. You can do it!

Go here to enter your (second/third..) script.

Darkness on the Edge of Town – Update

If you contributed to “Darkness on The Edge of Town”, the crowd-funded movie project (or even if you have just been watching with interest) then you should know that the crowd funding phase finishes on Monday.

I want to pass this bulletin on from Patrick Ryan, the supercharged writer-director of this project. (Remember, the script was a finalist in the 2012 Screenwriting Goldmine contest, but Patrick has turned down interest from production companies because he is determined to direct his own script.)

So here’s Patrick’s message:

We wrap this thing up on Monday, and we keep what we’ve made thus far. The main question I’m sure many are asking is, if we fail to reach the target, is the film still going ahead? The answer is an emphatic YES.

We’ve been adapting as the weeks have gone by, we’ve had unexpected offers of help from many different sides, and please rest assured that we will be down there in County Kerry in August shooting this movie, where every euro of this fundraiser will be put into making it the best it can possibly be.

However, obviously, the more we raise, the easier it is to make the film. We’ve been looking at other methods to make up our €20,000, but it’d mean the world for us to be successful in this campaign. I would ask that over this weekend, could you share this page, spread the word as much as you can, twist the arm of that rich uncle, to just make a last push for the remaining few days.

Thank you to all of you. You’ve made this film possible for us, and we can’t express our gratitude for the belief and opportunity that entails. We’re delighted to have you all as a part of its creation.

We’re looking forward to getting down to making it, and organising all the various rewards for your kindness.

If you have any questions, comments or anything at all, please get in touch with us at or visit our page.


Patrick and Tommy

Patrick now has something in development with Steve Matthews of Octagon Films on the back of the introduction made in last year’s Screenwriting Goldmine contest, but I know getting ‘Darkness’ shot is his dream project, and it’s a script that should get made.


Colette Smith of Indieflix contacted me this week about her project Indieflix.

It looks interesting, so I’m just going to hand over to her to talk about it:

For far too long, filmmakers have been forced to either sell out or starve. Thousands of brilliant, creative minds submit their works to festivals, hoping to find meaningful distribution yet fewer than 1% actually do. We’re here to level the playing field.

Founded by filmmakers, IndieFlix is part champion, part curator; our mission is to democratize distribution and provide significant revenue for filmmakers.

We’re basically a community of independent filmmakers and fans. Through its membership-based streaming service, IndieFlix helps filmmakers translate artistic vision into commercial success, and gives film lovers access to high quality independent films not otherwise available. IndieFlix’s mission is to champion filmmakers, rethink traditional approaches to distribution, and celebrate the artistry and impact of independent film.

IndieFlix has thousands of films, but right now we’re focusing on getting the word out about two special films, one in honor of Earth Day and one in honor of Mother’s Day:

Living On One

“Four university students spent our summer living on one dollar a day in Guatemala, cultivating the earth and living in extreme poverty alongside their neighbors in a rural village. They tell the stories of their own experiences, and those of their Guatemalan neighbors and friends in this powerful documentary. Their goal is to inspire us to confront global poverty and provide specific opportunities for people everywhere to fight poverty.”

Finding Kind

“Filmmakers Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson, who met while in school at Pepperdine University, set out in a cross country journey of discovery and education.

Interviewing women and girls along the way about their lives and experiences, Parsekian and Thompson find, among all of the unique personal stories, some universal truths about growing up as girls.

Finding Kind is a document of that journey, and of the filmmakers’ quest to take these experiences and find a common ground of kindness and mutual respect. In addition to all of the individual girls and women who share their personal experiences about girl on girl bullying with the filmmakers, Parsekian and Thompson include interviews with respected experts and authors in the fields of psychology, education, and the interrelationships of women and girls.

The Indieflix model sounds very worthwhile, and like it could well open some doors. Take a look here.

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