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“How to Write a Script in Three Weeks” Day 18

What was I thinking?

In the story breakdown I glibly painted a scene where a 15 year old and her two slightly unhinged friends waltz around some dark inner city pubs, emerging having bought an illegal handgun.

This gun turns out to be highly instrumental for the rest of Act 3. I can’t do without it.

But really, do we believe for a second that a reasonably unsophisticated 15 year old would be able to track down a gun in a couple of hours in a strange city with no more than a fiver in her pocket?

Not for one second.

But now I’ve got to make it work. Brilliant. Great corner to paint myself  into.

First thing tomorrow morning I’m calling a policeman I know so he can laugh at me a lot before, I hope, helping me out with something that feels even faintly real.

Mind you, if I CAN make it work it should be a good sequence.

End of Act 2 in sight.

  1. sure you can do it phil. just follow your own advice and free up your imagination and subconscious.
    one thing that immediately occurred to me is ‘kids can always find other kids’. and ‘kids, especially teens, always know where the interesting things are at home, particularly hidden things, like, oh, maybe guns– the ones kept hidden by dad/mom’s boyfriend/older brother/uncle ned/etc.’
    ergo, it’s an entirely logical chronology that a teen girl, even unfamiliar with the neighborhood, knows where to find other teens…and presto, there’s your quick firearm source. in a concentrated urban setting, coupla hours to get hands on a pistol isn’t a problem.
    but, i can’t write your story…just helping tickle your muse…they like it.

  2. You’re right Jim, of course it’s possible in a lot of ways – I was just feeling a bit up against it yesterday.

    Main problem I have really is, (I’ve realised!) is that there is no budget for any other speaking parts, so whatever I do has to happen more or less off stage, and we pick them up at the fallout moment. The problem is getting a “truthful” trajectory through this moment.

    Thanks for the muse tickling though – appreciated!

  3. “I’ve set myself the deadline of delivering the first draft of the first script by the 10th November. That’s just 24 days from now. I’ve really got to get going.”
    okay phil. today is the tenth– D-Day, Zero-Hour, X-Marks-the-Spot…did you do it?
    inquiring minds want to know.
    oh, and break a leg in the glasgow performance.
    i hope you video standup presentations.

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